Comments Policy

(Updated 13th May 2020)

Since I established Perfect Chaos in 2012, this blog has been a forum for openly discussing theological and philosophical matters which are of profound importance. The contribution from readers via the comments section has been an essential part of what has made this blog interesting to visitors.

Over the last few months, however, I have made the decision to close comments on many of the posts. I have done this with a great deal of reluctance. The reason why I have done it is that many of the comments people have been leaving are simply not polite, friendly, and loving, and are instead aggressive and emotionally charged. Comments of this nature are hurtful to read and moderate.

I believe in freedom of speech, but I believe on a forum like Perfect Chaos we should all speak with love, otherwise people’s feelings get hurt. Some commenters may feel they are being loving when they vehemently defend a particular viewpoint. They might feel that unless they express their view confidently and passionately, they will not be carrying out their God-given duties to defend what they see as the Truth. But one’s view can always be communicated with love and sensitivity, and in many cases this has not been happening.

Many of the readers of this blog are Christians, and I’m sorry to say it is often my Christian readers who are the least loving when it comes to leaving comments. Sometimes it seems that people are so adamant to defend their theology that they forget that behind every reader (and every blogger) is a human being with feelings.

My decision to close comments on many posts has led to some readers unsubscribing or no longer visiting the blog. I suppose this is probably due to anger over not being able to express their views when they read something in one of my posts that they disagree with. This is understandable, and I would never wish to force my views upon anyone, so I wish anyone who has stopped reading the blog for this reason the very best — I’m sorry to see you go, but it is understandable.

I do still open comments on less controversial posts which are unlikely to provoke a hostile reaction, and I love reading what my largely loving and supportive audience have to say. I’m truly disappointed that as the blog has grown, the comments situation has become a problematic issue. I wish it weren’t this way, but I am dealing with the situation in the way I feel is best, and of course if anyone wishes to stop reading the blog over this issue there is no compulsion for them to stay.

I want blogging to be a joyful process, because I love what I do. This blog is hugely important to me and I want the blog to always feel like a safe and positive place both for me and my readers. I don’t want to have to feel dread whenever I visit the blog due to fear of hostile comments, as this would take all the fun out of the blogging process, and I don’t want to let the insensitive behaviour of others destroy my passion.

I hope that readers will understand where I’m coming from on this and respect my decision. Readers are always welcome to email me with any feedback or reflections related to my posts, and I do very much enjoy engaging with readers in this way, especially when their emails are written in a polite and friendly manner.

Please know that I deeply value each and every reader and subscriber of this blog, and I’m so grateful when anyone deems my writing worthy of their attention. Whenever anyone hits the ‘Like’ button after a post, I feel deeply grateful, and I always make an effort to check out the blogs of other bloggers who ‘Like’ my posts.

Let us all endeavour to obey the golden rule and behave with love and compassion in all our blog-related activities. Thank you for reading and God bless you.