Comments Policy

(Updated 14th August 2020)

Many of the posts published on this blog can provoke strong reactions, because they often present views that are contrary to accepted norms. This is especially the case in relation to Christianity, which is a key focus of the subject matter of this blog.

While many people who comment on Perfect Chaos are polite and friendly, there are sometimes comments which are inconsiderate and unkind. For this reason, I now moderate comments for every post, and if the subject matter of a post is especially controversial, I sometimes close comments entirely.

Comments from readers are an essential part of what makes this blog interesting to visitors, and I believe in freedom of speech and try to wholeheartedly defend it. This blog has been active since 2012, and there have been hundreds of lengthy discussions in the comments covering a wide range of philosophical and theological perspectives. Visitors are invited to browse through the archives of the blog where they can see this for themselves.

Where comments are open, they will generally be open for 14 days from the publication of the post and then closed. This is because it would be impossible for me as moderator to keep up if comments remained open indefinitely on all articles. The only condition for leaving a comment is that it must be polite, kind, and respectful. Even if someone wishing to comment disagrees with the content of an article, they can communicate their disagreement with love and respect. I reserve the right not to approve comments which do not meet this condition, and readers should only comment if they agree to this condition.

If you have any questions regarding the approval of comments, you are welcome to email me via the Contact page. The same rule applies to emails ā€“ I will only respond if they are polite, kind, and respectful.

With thanks and best wishes,