God’s Grand Game: Divine Sovereignty and the Cosmic Playground

This is a full-length book which I regard as my most significant contribution to the field of philosophical theology. It is the result of more than 10 years of study and reflection in relation to the divine sovereignty versus human free will problem. The book presents a thorough and systematic overview of my philosophical perspective with reference to the Christian worldview and other views of God. Click here to buy the book.

The Only Question (for blog)

The Only Question You Ever Need Ask

This 70 page essay represents the culmination of a theological predicament that I have wrestled with ever since I first began to take the Christian faith seriously. In the book, I describe the single question on which I believe faith in the Christian worldview hinges, and I explore and answer that question with reference to Scripture and renowned theologians. Click here to buy the book.

Cover image of The Philosophy of a Mad Man by Steven Colborne

The Philosophy of a Mad Man

In this full-length book – the first book I ever wrote – I describe my turbulent spiritual journey (Part 1) and how I came to develop an extraordinary philosophical perspective (Part 2) that is causing many spiritual seekers to think deeply about the nature of God and the meaning of life. Originally published in 2012, this is a revised and updated version published in 2019. Click here to buy the book.

Ultimate Truth God Beyond Religion by Steven Colborne book cover

Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion

A relatively succinct and easy read, this 120 page book serves as an excellent introduction to my philosophy. In the book, I lay out some compelling arguments as to why the omnipresence of God affects nearly every area of theology, from free will, to suffering, to morality, and more. Click here to buy the book.

An Almighty Predicament (cropped).jpg

An Almighty Predicament:
A Discourse on the Arguments For and Against Christianity

This is a 70 page essay in which I set out what I believe to be the most compelling arguments for and against the Christian worldview. Expounding testimony and citing Scripture, I present arguments explaining why the teachings of the Bible are convincing, but also discuss the reasons why Christianity can be seen as absurd and illogical. Click here to buy the book.


Big Ideas from Ancient Greece

This is a short book profiling twelve philosophers from ancient Greece and a big idea that each philosopher contributed to the history of thought. Each chapter contains some biographical info, a big idea, and my reflections on that idea based on my own philosophy. Click here to buy the book.

Finding Your Balance (cover for blog)

Finding Your Balance:
The 10 Key Ingredients of a Happy Life

In this PDF eBook I venture from the world of philosophy into the world of psychology and present the lessons I have learned from my unusual mental and spiritual journey. This is a short eBook, and I’m currently offering it for free to every new subscriber to my mailing list. You can sign up here.

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