Jesus on the Abundant Life: A life of resilience

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Fantastic post here, you will all be blessed by this!


I have been reflecting on John 10:10 and in a previous post, I argued that to first understand what Jesus meant by the abundant life, we must first understand what it is not. I argued that it is not about an abundance of wealth and health. If not health and wealth – what then is the abundant life about?

Jesus’ ultimate priority concerning us is not about the external and material conditions of our life; it is about the type of people we become. The abundant life is about the total transformation and renovation of the whole human person: our thoughts, heart, desires, will, habits, character and emotions. His priority is not changing the circumstances of our lives (which he could, and often does) but rather changing our lives (who we are) to handle any circumstance. And by handle any circumstance I mean becoming resilient.

I would define resilience as…

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