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New Website for Authors

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A few days ago, it occurred to me just how far I have come on my author journey. I remember that when I wrote my first book The Philosophy of a Mad Man back in 2012, I posted on Facebook confidently describing the book as “the only book I will ever write”. Eight books later and I’m amused by the way God is endlessly creative in defying our expectations.

I’m not a full-time author yet, but a few weeks ago I had a vision of a moment in the future — of what my life might be like if I am able to make a living as a result of all my writing and publishing and promoting. I began to see a career as a self-publishing author as a realistic possibility. The trigger for this was a promotion I recently ran which resulted in my book God’s Grand Game selling over 1000 copies in a single day. That blew my mind!

I know that as a community of writers and bloggers, many of you reading this have the same kind of enthusiasm that I have when it comes to writing. That’s one of the reasons why I recently had the idea that I would like to share everything I’ve learned from my author journey so far, and to be part of a community of authors who share ideas and help one another to remain enthused about the possibility of making a living with their writing.

That thought, coupled with the fact that I’ve been doing a lot of web design this year, gave me the idea of creating a website where I share everything that has and hasn’t worked for me as an author, and where I can encourage people to share their own experience with self-publishing as well.

I’m very excited to show you the website I have brought to life as a result of all of the above considerations. I designed the website from scratch and it’s self-hosted (i.e. not hosted on like Perfect Chaos is). The website is pretty much finished, although it could do with a round of proofreading and I will likely be adding more pages from time to time as my career and the publishing industry evolve.

It’s more of a static website and less of a chronological blog than Perfect Chaos, but people can still subscribe and I will send out occasional updates when new content is added to the site or if there’s anything else particularly important to share. I’m excited for you to take a look!

Click here to visit!

After you’ve read the ‘Welcome’ page and taken a look around the website, I would love for you to engage by leaving a ‘Like’ or a comment if you do indeed like what you see and read. If you have any questions or feedback, you can also email me; I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Thanks, as ever, for your interest in my life and work, and I look forward to welcoming you into the Author Epiphany community!


  1. It looks great, Steven! I wouldn’t have immediately thought of bluish-green and orange as a good color combo, but it really works. I look forward to poking around on the site. 🙂

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    1. Bless you, Lily, thanks for checking it out! I spent aaaaaages tweaking the colours to try to get them to complement each other really well and I love how it turned out 🙂 I hope you get some value from the site if you do have a poke around, and enjoy your trip to the beach! 😁

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  2. The new website is awesome! I think it’s wonderful that you are using your gift as a writer to help others in their writing journeys! I know that your helpful advice and guidance will be appreciated by many (including myself!). I am reading your e-book and am really enjoying it! I hope you are having a relaxing and enjoyable week, darling. Be well xx

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    1. Steph, your message means the world to me, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I’ve been feeling quite low recently (just generally low, lonely, and unappreciated, haha) so to read your message after I woke up this morning has lifted my spirits.

      I’m really glad you’re enjoying the book! Sorry I haven’t been commenting on your recent blog posts, it’s just because (as you’ll understand after reading the book) it’s somewhat difficult for me to relate to Christian writing these days. It’s not anything personal to do with you — you’re a brilliant writer, a really kind person, and I hope to keep in touch with you! It’s more an issue of finding it difficult to relate on a theological level. Do you understand? Peace and blessings ❤️ xx

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