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My Plans for this Blog

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I thought I would just give a general update and share my thoughts on the direction I’m going to be taking with Perfect Chaos moving forward. A precursory note is that my plans may change, because life is unpredictable. As the saying goes, we make plans, God laughs.

The last couple of posts, my stream of consciousness post and the follow-up post entitled ‘Three Perspectives’, offer a good picture of where I am at theologically right now. I decided to open comments for these posts (after a few weeks of closing comments). I knew they were provocative posts, and the discussions were lively.

I want to apologise for any hurt feelings. Normally, I practise patience to the best of my ability in all my interactions, but with these posts I decided I would respond frankly to comments. This is never a wise thing to do, but I wanted there to be discussions which reflected different view points and my responses to objections.

I mentioned in my Three Perspectives post that I’ve written a new essay for this blog, and I said I was looking for an editor. I have found an editor who will be working on the essay over the next couple of weeks. The essay really gets to the heart of the way I see things theologically and philosophically right now. It’s not too long (about 8500 words) and I intend to publish it here as soon as it’s ready.

What recent discussions in the comments have taught me is that I’m no longer enjoying the process of discussing theology with people. I feel as though I have done that to the point of exhaustion. I have been blogging since 2012 and published over 450 articles here, the majority of which have involved theological discussions in the comments. So there has been a lot of discussion; discussion which I hope will be of benefit to any new readers in the future.

I have paid for a WordPress Premium subscription for the next five years. They normally only offer an annual subscription but a support person (happiness engineer, as they call themselves) kindly allowed me to pay for five years upfront. This is reassuring for me, as it means that whatever happens to me, my blog will likely still be here, ad free, for anyone who’s interested in visiting.

My feeling is that when I have published this new essay, I will turn my focus away from blogging and onto some other projects. One thing I’m planning to do, as some of you know, is record audiobook versions of some of my books (see this post). That will keep me busy for a while. I may continue with the Praise and Prose series for a while, as I already have some future posts mapped out for that series. But as for the meaty philosophical matters at the heart of this blog, I feel as though I’m not wanting to get into debates any more, and that we’ve covered most of the major topics of theology that I feel are relevant to my calling.

I’m not going to say I will be stopping posting altogether. I have many plans for the future, of which Perfect Chaos is likely to be a part. But I anticipate I will be posting less frequently, and will try to reorganise the blog a little so what I regard as my most important posts are easy to find, and the less important ones (updates like this!) will be hidden away or deleted.

Apologies, once again, for being too frank in my comments. I will try to pop the lid back on and turn the heat down, so you can expect my usual simmer in the future rather than a boiling up of emotions (not sure where the metaphor came from, I guess it must be lunch time!).

God bless you all, you are all so important to me. Thank you with my whole heart for your interest in my writing, and your love of Truth.

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