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Who Runs the World?

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According to investigative journalist (aka conspiracy theorist) David Icke, there are a very small number of human beings — born through the same particular bloodlines as the centuries go by — who are controlling, from the shadows, the way global events play out on Earth. Icke believes that these bloodlines are imbued with power because they are controlled by very powerful alien entities (which Icke refers to as “reptilian”), who have played a central role, albeit a covert one, in the unfolding of events on Earth for many centuries.

I have a lot of time for David and his ideas, although I don’t agree with all of them. While David seems to have reliable sources that reveal some of the disgraceful and frightening corruption which is apparently taking place amongst the “global elite” (as Icke refers to them), I have less sympathy for the extra-terrestrial involvement elements of David’s worldview, which seem very far-fetched to me.

Rather than being attributable to the covert influence of alien entities, I know that it is God who controls the way events unfold on Planet Earth. A God exists who is sovereign over the entirety of creation, and nothing happens on our planet that is outside of His will. David’s speculations concerning the involvement of alien entities in events on Earth are an understandable way of explaining why deeply disturbing political corruption can take place. I know that while not necessarily agreeing with the alien involvement side of things, many Christians would find sympathy with Icke in wanting to absolve God of responsibility for corruption, and the tremendous suffering it causes on our planet.

My high view of God’s sovereignty leads me to the sometimes awkward conclusion that God is in control of everything that everyone does, including everything that leads to suffering on Earth. My arguments for God’s existence, and God’s sovereignty over all events (including those events which cause suffering), are discussed in detail in my book God’s Grand Game, which I mention here in case any readers are interested in understanding my arguments more fully. In essence, I believe God does cause all suffering, and has reasons for doing so.

The predominant view of Christians, which is different to my own worldview, is that God is perfectly good, and satan causes evil events (although there are of course differing views on God’s involvement in creation among Christians, between Arminians and Calvinists, for example). Actually, David Icke argues that the cult who are responsible for the unfolding of world events consists of satanists and pedophiles, so his views accord with the Christian perspective in that regard, as the Bible describes satan as ‘the god of this world’ (2 Corinthians 4:4).

Nobody should blindly trust what they read in the media, whether that be the mainstream media or the alternative media, so how are we to know what really goes on with the global elite behind the scenes? The only reliable source of knowledge we have access to is God, and that’s why I believe prayer is so important. We must pray for God to guide us in relation to what the Truth is.

Some Christians will say that the Bible contains all the Truth we need in order to understand global events (past, present, and future). On the other hand, some theologians and scholars have found there to be great contradictions, uncertainties, and errors within the pages of the Bible. Another important consideration is that if we are to look to Scripture for guidance, why should we trust the Bible for knowledge and not the Scriptures of other faiths such as Islam, the Baha’i faith, Sikhism, Hinduism, or others?

For me, there is One God who is controlling everything that takes place on Earth, coordinating all activity in both the macrocosm and the microcosm. This God has created all of the religions I mentioned above, as well as many others not listed, and also all non-religious perspectives. God has created a world with a huge diversity of human perspectives, and this is all part of the game of life God is unfolding, which I talk about extensively on this blog and in my books.

Let us end by looking at the current global health pandemic in light of what I have said in this article. If there is a deadly, naturally occurring virus sweeping across the globe (something which David Icke disputes), then I am certain that God is controlling its spread. This gives me hope, because I know that nothing can happen outside of the will of God. Prayer is only worthwhile, and can only be effective, if God is in control of global events, which I fervently believe He is. So I strongly believe our best weapon against the virus (or against any deception related to the virus) is prayer.

Even if David Icke is right in his outlandish suggestion that alien beings control events on Earth, the existence of an omnipresent God means that all beings in existence are ultimately under His control, so prayer remains our most effective course of action in this scenario, as well as in the less radical scenarios presented to us by the mainstream media. It is God who runs the world, and may we never forget it.