Great Sadness and Great Joy

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I watched a 45 minute interview with David Icke on London Real and it was very passionate and moving. It has been viewed over 3 million times in just a few days. David talks about how the current coronavirus pandemic and global economic collapse has been engineered by a few very powerful people operating in the shadows who want to ultimately create a technocratic world government.

So much of what David says seems to be true, although it must largely be taken on faith because he doesn’t reveal his sources.

I have felt deeply sad today. I’m sad for myself and I’m sad for Planet Earth. We are a planet that suffers terribly. A planet where people use and abuse one another. A planet where the most cruel and vicious seemingly have the power to make the majority suffer gratuitously for their own gain.

But I have also been listening to great music, which reminds me that Earth can be very beautiful, too. I’ve been listening to lots of different live versions of the Coldplay song Politik and have been deeply moved. It’s one of my favourite ever songs.

The two videos embedded below capture so much of what is bad and good about humanity, and I really hope you will watch them both in their entirety.



  1. So true. I’m following David now. Music makes everything so much better. I actually just found a children’s series from the BBC from many years ago, Young Dracula. I don’t care for scary movies, just campy ones like this or a classic maybe. Not sure if you have ever heard of it, but I especially like the lighter first 2 series. Someone said “I’m bored” and I right away remembered a song I used to like by Iggy Pop, “I’m bored.”

    So…went to youtube, started watching some of his old stuff. I met Iggy many years ago in Detroit when his band the Stooges used to play at the Grande Ballroom. My boyfriend hung out with some of the MC5, another band who played there too. Yes I actually used to have a life at one time. Brought back memories of hanging with some of them after hours at their managers house in Ann Arbor. I don’t believe Iggy stopped by when I was there but lots of people coming & going & I was scared of my own shadow back then. I laughing remembering when Iggy said hello to me for the first time after a set & I just said hi & kept walking. He was scary back then too. This was not an act, lol. Nice enough though.

    Oddly enough out of the blue this morning my best friend daughter contacted me on Facebook. We’re friends but I seldom hear from her. My friend passed almost 10 years ago & used to hang with me there. I thought it was strange that she did that just when I was thinking about her mother & our fun times as kids. They say there are no coincidences & I really don’t believe that this is all there is. Jesus always spoke the truth. If His kingdom were of this world, then we would fight, hence the reason we don’t. We just have to be a light for others where we are for the moment.

    My state of Michigan just declared Executive order making us all on lockdown til at least mid April which means we can’t even visit our neighbors for now. We can only go out as needed for appointments or food. Some said they were stopped by police asking them where they were going. Not happy about this right now so trying to stay distracted with good memories & hope for the future.

    I was hoping to find out how your area is doing. I’m not sure what to believe with news sources lately. I try to look at BBC, RT, CBS, sources from around the globe.

    God bless, stay safe.

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    1. Hey Po’ Girl!

      I’ve been thinking of you a lot recently, I don’t know why, but God has brought you to my mind on a few occasions. I’m very grateful for your support and friendship in the blogosphere!

      I don’t know much Iggy Pop stuff actually, but that’s cool that you met him! Sounds like you’re very passionate about music, just as I am.

      Yeah I feel like you, I have no idea which news sources are trustworthy. I log on to BBC News once a day, and that’s all I can take, and it usually takes me the rest of the day to recover from all the fear and negativity.

      You should keep blogging and posting your photos during the lockdown time. I’m so grateful that you’re now following David, he is an incredible guy.

      Stay strong and please keep praying for yourself and everyone who is suffering!

      Peace and blessings šŸ’›

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  2. Hey bubba. I hadn’t noticed you turned comments back on; from what I remember, you had turned them off for a while. Maybe I am just making all of this up (ha!). Anyway, I feel ya, brother. I often feel like a bird trapped in a cage. Modern life is like living in a big factory of lifeless matter. It drains the vitality. I feel like I live in a trash can. Last week, I was driving through it and the thought came to me, “This needs to get flushed down the toilet”. Tool’s Aenema came to mind. If it takes me, I don’t care.

    But I consider I am wrong to have such a negative outlook on modernism….I don’t wish to throw the baby out with the bathwater or anything like that (I do appreciate air conditioning, but God I need something more rural). Anyway, I’ve been getting joy listening to a playlist alongside ambient thunderstorm sounds. It helps. Love you, brother.

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    1. As an addendum to my feelings about modernity, this is something I found in a book review of JC Powys’ Porius: “We have, in today’s post-industrial, “tweeting” age lost the consciousness of the connexions with faint odours, shifts of light, lingering memories that affect our moods, our states of conscience… Ultimately, the reader is drawn into a world of which his/her primordial senses are made keenly aware of what deeply underlies all our lives, but which is lost to us in our day-to-day living.”

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      1. Hi Ronnie! Thanks for your comments, yes they are back on for at least some posts!

        The quote you posted makes me want to head to a forest and sit by a campfire watching wood burn and sparks fly šŸ™‚


  3. Thanks for your post. I think David Icke might be right. The only way to fight back is to make conscious decisions about how we are living our lives – especially where we are spending our money. We should support small, local businesses and demand a higher standard of truth from the press. Truth is supposed to be the principle value of the journalism profession. Here in America, it’s very difficult to find unbiased news.

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    1. Dear Joan, thank you for taking the time to watch the video and comment. I agree with you, we must all do what we can to live in accordance with what we believe is Truth. I think the vast majority of citizens in the UK gets their news from the same source, the BBC. So it’s easy for their narrative to define the way the public think.

      I have a great deal of respect for David, and I think that anyone who watches that video and takes it at face value will not doubt his sincerity. I see in his composure and body language only sincerity.

      Actually, a belief in a monotheistic God is something that I think is absent from David’s worldview. I have tried contacting him on a couple of occasions because I thought he might be interested in some of the writing I’ve done about God. But I haven’t had any kind of response.

      The point you make about demanding a higher standard of truth from the press is a good one.

      If David is right about the ‘cult’ (as he describes it) that controls world events, it shows an astonishing insensitivity and frightening callousness from those who are controlling things.

      Of course, my personal belief is that nothing takes place outside of the will of God, so for me, I don’t get too angry, I just get down on my knees and beg for mercy.

      Peace be with you, Joan.


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