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Hello friends. How are you? I’m hoping you are all as well as can be in these uncertain times. I am isolating in my flat in London at the moment because for the last few days I’ve had a headache, and I know this can be one of the initial signs of the coronavirus. I’m not coughing, though, and I feel okay.

I’ve been wondering how I can make good use of my time in isolation and I’m thinking of publishing a short daily blog post. I’m sure I’m not the first person to have had this idea, and I don’t want to post just for the sake of it, so I’m trying to think of an interesting series that will be stimulating for both writer and reader.

To this end, I’ve decided to ask you all for your feedback. You’ll find a poll if you scroll down, and I’ve also provided some titles and summaries to explain a bit about my suggestions for the possible focus of this new series. Please vote for your favourite idea, or add your own if there’s something else you’d prefer for me to blog about.

The options appear in the poll in a random order (the order is different for every viewer). I will publish a blog post in the next few days with the results. I hope this works (if you experience any technical problems please email me) and I very much hope you’ll take part. Thank you in advance!

Coronavirus and God: A Daily Reflection
A look at some key theological and philosophical issues that are relevant to the coronavirus pandemic. For instance, what is God’s role in all this?

A Thought and a Prayer
Not necessarily linked to the coronavirus situation. Just a short post sharing whatever is on my mind. I suppose this would be like a diary.

Coronavirus: An Update from London
Sharing what’s happening in London in relation to the coronavirus. Less theological and more practical reflections on day to day living in London at this time.

‘Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion’ — A Daily Extract
A short daily extract from the second book I wrote, back in 2013. The book discusses my problems with the Christian worldview from a philosophical perspective.

Feel free to add your own suggestion!