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Change of Domain Name

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Hello everyone. I was unable to publish a philosophy post today because I’ve been really struggling with a nasty bout of depression. But I did just want to let you know about a couple of ‘housekeeping’ details.

The address for this blog has changed from to

All links which include the former URL will continue to work just fine, and you can still access the blog using .org, it will just redirect to .blog in your browser. If any of you have the blog saved in your bookmarks, you may wish to update the relevant bookmark.

Also, I have cancelled my email address because it was frankly extortionate having to pay for G-Suite which enabled that to work. Taking into consideration the domain name change I’m telling you about today, that email address would become less relevant anyway. I’ve updated the contact page with my gmail address, which will be the best email address to contact me on going forward.

I’ll be back on Thursday with a Deep Thoughts About God video entitled ‘The Confusion of Calvinism’, which is likely to ruffle a few feathers…

Until then, have a blessed day and thank you for your interest in my blog-related activities! 💛


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