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The Future is Terrifying

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It’s currently 3am and I haven’t gone to bed yet. I’ve been watching YouTube videos about technological innovation. It’s absolutely staggering what machines are doing these days, and the scope of their applications is frightening — there are even startup companies trying to engineer biology in various ways.

It seems that in the last couple of years there has been an explosion in these areas. It feels as though God has been completely forgotten about. Arrogant scientists disregard God as though He is a ridiculous fiction. One of the reasons I wanted to start a new forward thinking church was so there could be a forum for discussing ethical issues related to scientific and technological progress. But it feels as though it could be too late to make a difference.

I have been praying to God about this because it feels as though the human race is speedily heading for total disaster. Surely some major catastrophes aren’t too far off, such is the recklessness of technology companies which are seemingly not being constrained by politicians and governments.

I don’t feel at all excited about all of this technological ‘progress’. There is a global race for technological dominance but the potentially disastrous effects of this ongoing industrial revolution are not being properly considered. How can they be when everything is happening so quickly.

Obviously, God is in control and knows what is going on. But I am despairing for myself and for all the sentient beings that will endure great suffering in the name of scientific progress. Technologists are in the process of connecting human brains to machines and cyborgs are in the process of becoming a reality.

Please, God, show me how I should react to everything that’s happening. Should I persevere and try to build a church? Should I commit my life to following Christianity? Should I kill myself? Or should I move out of London? I could be homeless soon unless my Universal Credit payments are reinstated, and even then I expect that this new Conservative government will make the welfare system so much worse, possibly using mental health patients to carry out cruel experiments in the name of science and technological innovation.

I desperately, desperately want God to give me a passage to safety, a way to escape from the terrifying future which is emerging so quickly. Please, God, save me from this disastrous state of affairs. I would much rather die than live through the times I see coming. Please, God, help me to develop a plan and a way to escape the rapidly approaching torment. Please be merciful to me, Lord, and to the human race.

Remember, Lord, how terrible it is for us humans to suffer torture. Please don’t do it to me, and to us, Lord. Should I pray to Jesus? It’s so hard not having a spiritual home. I have never looked at the future and dreaded it so much.

Lord, all I want is to experience simple joy and peace. I don’t covet power or money, I just want the comfort of a deep love that leaves no room for fear. What must I do, Lord, in order for You to end my suffering? I beg of You, Lord, be merciful. Please, God, be merciful.

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