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A Gift to my Readers

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Greetings, all! I mentioned yesterday that I would post again with details of the price promotion I’m running for my new book, Big Ideas from Ancient Greece. I’m thrilled to announce that between now and 26th October 2019 the Kindle version of the book is available as a free download from the Amazon website.

Click here to view the book on Amazon

The chapter listing for the book (not including front and end matter) is as follows:

1. Is Everything Made of Water?

Thales of Miletus

2. Reality as Numbers
Pythagoras of Samos

3. A God Unlike His Creatures
Xenophanes of Colophon

4. Rivers of Change

5. Do Ideas Exist in Reality?

6. Infinite Wisdom
Zeno of Elea

7. Can We Know Anything?

8. A Realm of Forms


9. All Things Have Purpose

10. The Theory of Atoms


11. God and Hedonism


12. A Radical Philosopher
Diogenes of Sinope

I hope you find the book to be an interesting and thought-provoking read. A lot of effort went into producing this book (from both me and my editor) and I kindly ask that if you enjoy it, please consider leaving a positive review on Amazon as this will go a long way in helping me to reach new readers.


To download the Kindle edition of the book for free, click this link which should direct you to your local Amazon store.

You don’t even need a Kindle device to download and read this book, as Amazon offers free software for reading Kindle eBooks on pretty much any device out there, whether it be your PC, Mac, or smartphone. Here’s an article explaining how to download the software for various different devices.

Finally, if you have any philosophically inclined friends, please let them know about this offer and please also consider putting out a tweet, a repost, or an Instagram mention, as this will help me greatly with my promotional efforts.

Any questions, let me know in the comments. God bless you and I’ll see you again soon!


    1. Awesome! Did you check out my consultancy website (www.tealightbooks.com)? Have a browse around that and you’re welcome to email me about your project and we can see if there are any ways in which I can help 🙂

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