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Greetings, all! I hope this blog post finds you well. I’m writing this post from my temporary accommodation, where I’ll hopefully only be staying for a short while. I’m hoping to move back to the flat where I’ve been living, as soon as the antisocial behaviour issues have been dealt with. This could take weeks, or even months, so prayers appreciated!

The good news is that in the place I’m staying there is WIFI access, and I have my laptop with me. This has meant, while I’ve been waiting for the housing situation to unfold, God has graciously afforded me the opportunity to crack on with some writing projects. So, without further ado, here’s the news!

An Almighty Predicament book release

An Almighty Predicament (Front Cover)

Many of you will know about an essay I wrote (I know some of you had read it) entitled An Almighty Predicament: A Discourse on the Arguments For and Against Christianity. I feel it’s a really important essay which details the struggle I have had with the Christian faith. I’m delighted to announce that the essay is now available in eBook and paperback formats from Amazon and other leading retailers.

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The Philosophy of a Mad Man (second edition)

TPOAMM 2019 second edition cover (cropped small)

This book was the first I ever wrote, and it was released through SilverWood Books back in 2012. The book was discontinued for a number of reasons, but for some time now I have wanted to release a revised and updated version with a new cover through my publishing imprint (Tealight Books). The book details my spiritual journey and is a great way to understand how I arrived at the philosophical perspective which now dominates my writing.

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If you have any questions about either of these book releases, feel free to drop me an email (my email address is on the contact page). Also, I’ve updated my personal website to incorporate these two new releases, and that’s also the place to find all my current activities and ways of connecting with me on social media:


One final bit of news to tell you about. Some of you may know that I used to be in a heavy metal band. I thought you might find it fun to have a listen to some of the songs we recorded, so our album ‘Revolution’ is now available as a SoundCloud stream on the music page. You’ll also find a picture of the band on that page, clad in full theatrical attire! Let me know what you think in the comments 😁

Thank you all for putting up with my somewhat inconsistent blogging activities, but sometimes life unfolds in unexpected ways and you’ve just got to roll with it! Peace and blessings to you all xx


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