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Massive 3000 follower giveaway

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Friends, your interest in my writing means the world to me. My motivation to write is not financial — I’m content with very little when it comes to finances and material things. Actually, if truth be told, I think I’m more content to live with a little than I would be to live with a lot. Frugal living is something that I relish — I don’t subscribe to the capitalist notion that wealth equals happiness.

I write because I feel I have been gifted with some unusual but important insights into the big questions of philosophy and theology, and I am driven by a desire to share those insights with others. When people read my work, I consider that a privilege and a gift, and the thought that readers might understand and relate to my philosophical perspective is what makes me excited about writing.

With the above considerations in mind, I’d like to present an idea I had concerning how I might celebrate a milestone on this blog — the milestone being that I now have an audience of over 3000 subscribers (thank you!).

What I’d like to do is send every reader who’s interested a copy of my latest book, free of charge. I will then ask — only if you enjoyed the book and can afford to do so —that you would consider making a small donation to help cover the cost of postage and my book production expenses. No obligation whatsoever. How does that sound?

I will run this giveaway for only one week, and you have to be subscribed to this blog in order to participate. There’s no limit to how many books I will send out, and this giveaway is open to people anywhere in the world. The giveaway will end on Sunday, 23rd June at midnight (a week today).

To get your free copy of God’s Grand Game, simply email your full postal address to ***PLEASE NOTE, THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED*** If, once you’ve read the book, you feel you’d like to make a donation, you can do so via the ‘Reader Support’ box on the right hand side of the Perfect Chaos homepage (it’s very easy to do and you can donate as little or as much as you like).

Hardback copies of God's Grand Game by Steven Colborne

If you have any questions about this giveaway, drop me a line via the email address given above. Oh, and feel free to reblog or share this post if you feel that any of your readers might like to receive a free copy of God’s Grand Game as well. Thank you for reading!