Deep Thoughts About God (video series trailer)

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I released my book God’s Grand Game in March 2019. The book contains a comprehensive overview of my philosophy, with a focus on what I believe is the most misunderstood area of theology β€” the divine sovereignty versus human free will problem.

While writing the book, I had in mind that I would like to film a video series to accompany some of the chapters. I intentionally kept the chapters short and punchy, aware as I was that in this way they would convert well into scripts for short and punchy videos. A considerable amount of work went into producing a book that I hope works well as a book, and a video series that I hope works well as a video series.

You will find, embedded below, a trailer introducing the video series. The series, if it isn’t already clear, is titled Deep Thoughts About God. There are 20 videos in the series (plus intro and outro videos), and I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel where you’ll find all the videos in one place. Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy the trailer.


  1. Hi Steven. I’ll be watching. I’m particularly interested in the debate about free will. Having previously believed in the doctrine of original sin, free will played a big part in that. I gave up believing in that doctrine some time ago, so now I’m having to reconsider my thoughts on free will. The jury is still out! ☺

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