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Blog Spotlight (Mar 2019)

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Once a month I shine the spotlight on three bloggers who have submitted their blog to my Promote Your Blog page. I’ve been getting a little behind with these posts (sorry!) but readers have continued to submit their blogs, and this month I’m delighted to feature three Christian bloggers, each with a slightly different focus but all with fascinating blogs. Please show these bloggers some love!

1) Hope in Your Story

Hi! My name is Candace and I’m one third of the Hope in Your Story blog. We’re a Christian based Mental Health Outreach and we’re passionate about helping those facing mental health problems in the church. We write a lot about our own personal experiences with mental health, and we have a monthly podcast too!

You can check us out and say hi at:

2) Thoughts of a Theist

Hello, my name is Brett and my blog is titled Thoughts of a Theist. As a Christian heavily engaged in Apologetics and Philosophy (and some theology), I write about interesting ideas I find in my readings or general thoughts/reflections on others’ work as well as intellectual problems I try and solve. Come check it out!

3) The Indefinable Emotion

Hello, my name is Gabriel and my blog, The Indefinable Emotion, has a twofold purpose. First and foremost, I write to proclaim the truth of Christ in the midst a broken world and a broken church. This side of my blog is under the heading, “The Hinterlands.” The second part of my blog is as an author and to other aspiring authors. These labels are sorted under “Ink Soaked Hands.” Thanks for the promotion!

I hope you enjoyed checking out this month’s blogs. If you’ve submitted your blog and haven’t been featured yet, don’t worry, there’s every chance your blog will appear in a future Spotlight post. If you haven’t submitted your blog yet, you can do so via the Promote Your Blog page.

Thank you for reading!


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