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It’s All Part of Who I Am

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Hello everyone! I hope you’re all feeling lively and looking forward to a hopefully peaceful and productive week. Thought I’d check in with a quick update as it’s been a while.

I’m preparing to do some work which will hopefully promote this blog to a wider audience, and as part of this I’ve been doing some ‘spring cleaning’, looking over old articles and tidying them up, adding images, etc. I found a load of posts I wrote during a spell in psychiatric hospital, and they are very amusing (and quite wise in places!). I was going to delete them, but then I thought if I enjoy them hopefully other people will too. They are all part of my journey and demonstrate aspects of who I am, so I’ll keep them!

If you’d like to have a look, I’ve created a new ‘Psychiatric Hospital’ category which you can findΒ here.

A week today I’m releasing my album. I’m going to be spending some time preparing for that this week, and if you missed my post with a preview of the songs, you can check it out here. I’ll be posting again on release day with a link to a new website I have created especially for the album πŸ™‚

For the Apple fans among you, I discovered this morning there’s going to be a special event on 12th September where Apple will be unveiling their latest products. I love watching these events so I’m quite excited!

How have you all been? Sorry for having been a bit quiet, there has been a lot going on, including the installation of a new boiler and a gas leak which took three days and a load of new piping to repair!

Will hopefully get a chance to catch up with the blogs I follow this week, I’m a bit behind.

God bless you all πŸ’› x


  1. I’ve been praying for you brother! Haven’t forgotten about you! I hear you about the new boiler. We had to get a new hot water heater to the tune of $3,000 a few months ago! Not fun, but our new water heater is great. Glad to hear you are doing good brother! Grace and peace to you!

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    1. Thanks so much, Ryan, that is so kind of you to keep me in your prayers. Sorry to hear you had to get a new heater, that is a heck of a lot of money! Glad you’re happy with the new one. Bless you, brother!

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  2. Congratulations on the new category, album in view and the new website.

    That’s pretty huge.☺

    Lately, I noticed your blog posts weren’t delivered into my mail. You were missed.

    I’m glad you’re back and doing well.

    Sorry about the gas leak. I trust the new boiler works perfectly.
    Happy new month.

    And God bless you richly.

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    1. Hi Faith! Thank you for always being so kind and friendly. The new boiler seems to be working well so far! I hope you’ve had a really great Monday so far and all is well. Peace and blessings x


    2. Hey man; you’ve had it rough, but you’re not aloneβ€”I’m just trying to write a book about the life I was given, and doing only a page a day. And on day 30, it stopped. Only 1/8th complete. I have to redesign my plan into a copy and paste backup … anyway, Mother Mary is helping! Thanks. GBU

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      1. Thanks, Charles. That’s wonderful that you’re writing a book, I hope you’re able to achieve your ambitions with it. Take your time with it, I suppose there’s no hurry? Peace and blessings upon you!

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  3. Went to the “Psychiatric Hospital” section and read the Lazarus post… had to chuckle at the suggestion that pastors get their clothes from charity shops as an example. Knowing quite a few pastors and the many burdens that get dumped on them, it occurred to me that maybe we all ought to get our clothes at thrift shops… as an example. πŸ™‚

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    1. Haha yes Don, I think you’re right. I suggested it to a pastor at Hillsong Church London, and if you know much about the culture of that church you’ll understand why my suggestion didn’t go down too well! Still, I think it’s good idea πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, Lynn! You’re very kind. All is well with me, thanks, and I hope things are going great with you (I know how busy you are as well – busier than me I think!). God bless you dear friend πŸ™‚


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