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Weekly Roundup | 01/07/18

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Welcome to this roundup of what’s been happening on Perfect Chaos, and in my life in general, over the last week. This has been the first week that I haven’t blogged to a schedule for a while, but I’m glad I felt inspired to post a few times. If you missed any of my posts this week, all the details and links to the articles are below.

The Week in Review

On Tuesday I published an important post that distinguished between the sovereignty of earthly leaders and the sovereignty of God. I argued that there are clear differences between these types of sovereignty, and that it’s not necessarily helpful equating the two in theological discussions. To read the post, click here.

On Wednesday I published this month’s Blog Spotlight, in which I brought attention to three Christian bloggers who have submitted their blogs to my Promote Your Blog page. To read the post and check out their blogs, click here.

I returned on Thursday with a post serving as an update on my music project, and the post featured a short vlog-style video inviting you to enter a competition to decide the title of my forthcoming album and win a prize. If you missed the video, you can watch it here.

Finally, on Saturday I posted about some significant changes I’ve made to the appearance of Perfect Chaos. I was really happy to receive your positive comments about the changes I’ve made to the blog, and I’m delighted with the fresher, cleaner look. To read my post about the changes click here.

A Few Personal Reflections

  • While I’ve been really happy to watch my blog following grow in recent months, I’ve been frustrated that more traffic isn’t coming from search engines. Most of my views come from the Reader. I’ve tried a few different strategies to try to make my blog appear in relevant searches in Google, but I’ve only had modest success. If you’re an established blogger, I’d be grateful for your tips concerning SEO and making articles rank high in search results. Please email me or comment below with any advice!
  • Some of you will know I’ve been on a bit of a fitness trip recently. I’ve been given nine exercises by my physio to repeat daily, and to be honest, I’m struggling to keep up the enthusiasm! It’s difficult to see how they are benefiting me, although I do believe my therapist knows what she’s doing (at least to a certain extent!). The trouble with 30 minute physio appointments is that there’s always so much more to discuss that you can squeeze into such a short space of time. My next session is on Tuesday.

Question of the Week

Do you have a routine you follow when you wake up in the morning?
Let me know in the comments below!



      1. No, I don’t mind that!
        I get back at home at noon. Then the afternoon goes in reading and writing. Some sports in the evening and I usually go to sleep late at 12.

        The day is always busy!!

        How do you spend your day?

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  1. Only thirty minutes to chat, yeah that would go by fast!!!! I hope you find some help with the search engines, but hey how awesome is it that your community is involved πŸ™‚

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  2. I wish I had some advice to pass along regarding the SEO situation. When my first blog was up and running, I noticed that my posts were easily indexed on Google and other search engines. Not so with Daily Hopeful, though, and I’m not sure why. However, I rarely look at my numbers.

    In terms of routine, I have to stretch every morning, as well as after I exercise. Otherwise, my muscles tighten up and I am very uncomfortable! I also try to do Pilates between 3 to 5 times a week, but I don’t always do it in the morning necessarily.

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    1. That’s fantastic, Daily, I had no idea you were into fitness! I find that very encouraging. I did all my exercises this morning and they took about 35 mins, so not too bad πŸ™‚

      Regarding SEO, that’s peculiar. I have some ideas that I’m going to try to improve my search ranking, so will see how that goes! Have a great week – was praying for you yesterday!


  3. Hi, Steven! Thanks for reading this morning’s post. The following are some do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do tips because I rarely follow them while writing my memoir, but I’ve been a professional content writer since February 2012.
    1. Write long titles (called H1 headers) that specifically describe what readers can find in your post.
    2. Use subheadings (H2s) that do the same.
    3. To the extent possible, link to high-ranking sites that Google considers an authority.
    4. Link to your own previous posts. (For example, “In last week’s roundup [link]…”]
    5. Write long, meaty articles. (My sermon notes page “God Wants You to Die. Don’t Fight It.” comes up a lot in search engines. Check this out for an example.)
    6. Try to get social media shares. If a post gets a lot of likes, Google thinks it’s valuable.
    7. When you search for something, pay attention to what comes up first in results. Study those first few results and ask yourself why you think they’re ranking well.
    8. Follow Moz for SEO tips.
    Hope this helps!

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