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Weekly Roundup | 24/06/18

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Greetings, dear ones! As the week comes to a close I am bringing you a recap of my week in blogging, a few personal reflections on my life at this time, and a Question of the Week to help me to know you a little better. Let’s get cracking!

The Week in Review

For my Monday Music post this week I shared a wonderful song by electronic dance duo Lemon Jelly. The band have been a big influence on my own musical journey. You can listen to the song, and read more about it, by clicking here.

In my Thursday Theology post this week I shared some reflections on good and evil from a panentheistic perspective. The post looks at how we should understand morality in a world where God is in control of everything that happens. To read the post, click here.

Finally, I returned with a Friday Philosophy post and gave a brief overview of the ancient Roman philosopher Plotinus and his Neoplatonist philosophy. To read about Plotinus and his influential worldview, click here.

A Few Personal Reflections

  • I posted recently about changing my blogging schedule. I’m going to be taking a break from my regular schedule while I focus on finishing my music project and other commitments. I anticipate that I will keep posting fairly regularly, but not on the set days you might be used to. I will probably post less often, and only when the inspiration strikes! We’ll see how it goes πŸ™‚
  • Please know that if you’re following this blog, you’re in my prayers! Every Sunday I have some quality prayer time, and as part of that time I lift up all of my followers to the Lord and pray for His blessing and favour to be over your lives in the coming week. Remember that whatever challenges you’re facing this week, God knows you better than you know yourself, and He’s working out a plan for your life with great care and attention!

Question of the Week

How do you keep cool in the summer months?
Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Thank you for the prayers. I am at the moment on a hiatus from work, having been a civil servant for 17 years. I would love the ideal job to just come to me. I would love to do anything involving my writing or anything involving my brain in some way, I pray it comes soon.

    How do I keep cool in the summer. I avoid sun, wear hats and I keep my pajamas in a polythene bag in the freezer so they are lovely and cold πŸ™‚

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    1. That pyjamas idea is genius! It’s also quite funny 😊 Might have to give that a go!

      I hope the ideal job will show up for you soon, will certainly keep you in my prayers πŸ™πŸ» God bless you buddy!

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    1. Hi there! Well, it’s a long story, but I first read the Bible properly during a spell in psychiatric hospital. It was a very spiritual time. I wrote about it in my book ‘The Philosophy of a Mad Man’ where I share all about my spiritual journey. If you’re interested, you can read some extracts from the book in my Book Extracts category.


  2. We just started heading out to the front porch in the evenings. We watch fireflies and talk about our day, and everyone picks a favorite song from their playlist to play. We hear a vast cross-section of music that way!

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    1. Well that makes good sense 😊 Except wearing no pants means something quite different in the UK – certainly a way of keeping cool though, whether the American or English version! Haha. Thanks Lily 😊


  3. Shade, cool drinks, hat/sunscreen in the sun, I love finding which one of our outdoor seats is in the shade/breeze and relax in it to listen to my wind chimes and the neighborhood birds; or read!! I find less on my feet [sandals?] cools the whole body down as well as something cool on your head! I also try to avoid the hours from 10-4 when the sun’s hottest to do my yard/garden chores.

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