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A Brief Message…

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Hello everyone!

In a recent post I asked for your feedback concerning my blogging schedule and it was tremendously helpful to get your thoughts. After much reflection I decided to stick with my regular schedule, posting 4 times a week: Monday Music, Thursday Theology, Friday Philosophy, Sunday Summary.

This has been going great but unfortunately I’m now going to have to make some changes. I’m nearing the end of my music project and want to dedicate more time to getting the album finished and polished, and also I have been feeling as though I’ve now written about most of the subjects I wanted to cover in terms of theology (I’ve written over 200 theology posts, gimme a break!).

I’m going to go ‘freestyle’ on you for a while and drop the schedule. I realise this isn’t exactly going to be calamitous for most of you, but on the other hand I know some of you like the schedule, so I’m sorry to those who do.Β I’ll be finishing this week as usual, with a theology post tomorrow, a philosophy post on Friday, and a roundup on Sunday. After that, the freestyling will begin.

Make sure you email me about anything you like any time you feel like a chat, I always love to hear from those who are kind enough to follow my blog!

And apologies for troubling you with such trivial matters.

Peace and blessings, onwards and upwards!

Steven x


  1. Dear Steven we may not agree on everything, but you are a truly likable and creative fellow – so glad to follow your blog! Thanks for informing us of changes, may the Lord inspire you and speak to your heart.

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  2. A schedule can mean a lot of different things, I think πŸ™‚ it could be a number of weekly posts and/or include a set of series/topic you discuss. I look forward to what you come up with, and congrats again on all of your accomplishments with your music and writing!

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  3. It’s definitely not trivial!
    – Well done for daring to stop and reflect…
    It sounds like you’re hearing a new rhythm and adjusting your steps to keep in time!
    Good going πŸ™‚

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  4. Got to do what is best for you! I’m pretty sure most everyone has had to cut back at one point or another. I have and always welcomed back by fellow bloggers!

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