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Listen to my New Single!

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Hi folks! I’m delighted to bring you song nine of the T.E.N. Project. This song is an instrumental that employs atmospheric strings and a rolling drum line to evoke the feelings of loneliness and isolation that we might experience if lost at sea.

This song, entitled ‘Stranded’, is the penultimate release from my ten-song experimental music project, which sees me releasing a new song on the 10th of each month over a 10 month period. For all the details of the project, visit the Music page and scroll down.

A simple video for the song is embedded below. If you enjoy listening, please hit the ‘Like’ button on YouTube, and if you’d like to purchase the song it will be available to buy for one month from my BandCamp page. Enjoy!


  1. What can I add to the standing accolades? Really enjoyed this music…not sure how you got “Stranded”, I envisioned God’s creating power propelling thru the universe. Keep on Steven! May the Lord speak to your heart.

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    1. Hi Lisa! Glad you enjoyed the song and found it evocative – that’s one of the beautiful things about music, it can mean different things to different people 😊Hope you have a wonderful week!

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