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Blog Spotlight (May 2018)

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Welcome to this month’s Blog Spotlight! Every month I feature a few of the blogs that have been submitted to my Promote Your Blog page. This month I’m bringing you two Christian bloggers to check out, plus a third blog which is fascinating but defies categorisation. Show these bloggers some love!

1. Discovering the Rainbows

Hi Steven, my name is Mandy and my blog is called Discovering the Rainbows (An Invitation to Deepen your Relationship with God). I write weekday posts with a Scripture verse and a series of questions which invite and encourage people to think about who God is and the part He plays in their lives. I also publish a longer weekly post on a Friday morning about the little things in life. I am an author, writing Christian fiction and devotional material.

Here is my blog address:

Thanks for this opportunity to share my blog. God bless you.

2. Feeding on Jesus

Hi guys! This is Jennifer from Feeding on Jesus. God spoke to me about doing this blog in a dream — His vision for it is to provide bite-sized nuggets of life-changing truth that will allure you into deeper intimacy with Jesus. Stop by and ingest some of His bread fresh from the oven!

The richest of blessings to you!


3. In Other Words

‘In Other Words’ in short is my attempt to make sense of good advice. I vigorously study philosophy, psychology, theology, art, mythology, culture, science and much more; mining for beautiful words and artworks filled with wisdom. I sincerely hope that the ideas I have gathered will be useful to others, as they are to me.

If you like it, follow it by popping in your name and email address on the site. I hope you gain something useful from your visit to ‘In Other Words’.


That’s a wrap! Remember, anyone is welcome to submit their blog to my Promote Your Blog page; just make sure you read the rules at the top of the page before posting. Apologies if I haven’t featured your blog yet, it’s nothing personal, and I may well do so in the future.

Thank you for reading and God bless!

Steven x


  1. I have been reading Feeding On Jesus for the past few months and it always blesses me. I will be sure to check out the other two bloggers this weekend. Thank you Steven for giving visibility to other bloggers (including mine last month :)). What a generous and gracious spirit you have!! God bless!

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