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As the dust settles after the royal wedding and Bishop Michael Curry’s powerful but somewhat controversial sermon, I’d like to share a song with you that I think captures something of the same sentiment Bishop Curry was preaching about.

I expect many of you will have heard this song before. The theme is very much that love is the only thing that matters in life, more than all we learn in school, more than we learn in our jobs. The song seems to be speaking of love between a man and a woman, which is of course a beautiful thing, but we should expand the message outward to what is of prime importance – the love of God!

Sam Cooke, who wrote this song, was an American singer and songwriter, considered by many to be the most important pioneer of soul music. I have to admit, soul music isn’t one of my favourite genres, but I do think this is a great song. Enjoy!


  1. Hey Steven, I hope all is well. Somehow the video wouldn’t operate for me but I was so curious I looked up the song – of course I know this! Thanks for sharing this blast from the past! 🎶

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    1. Hi Lisa! Oh, I’m sorry the song didn’t work. That’s strange. I hope others aren’t having the same problem. Glad you looked up the song though, it is indeed a blast from the past and a classic! Thank you! 😊

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