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Welcome to this week’s summary post. Every Sunday I provide a quick recap of my blog posts from the last week, some personal reflections on what God is doing in my life at this time, and a Question of the Week, so I can a learn a little more about you. Let’s begin!

The Week in Review

For my Monday Music post this week I introduced a rare Johnny Cash song that sheds light on the struggle he had with Christianity. You can learn about the song and listen here.

In my Thursday Theology post this week I shared my theory of what it is that causes thoughts to arise in our minds. While that might not sound like theology, if you read the post, you’ll see that it is! You can read the piece and add your comments here.

To round off the week I published my Friday Philosophy post, in which I offered a brief look at the Roman lawyer and politician Marcus Tullius Cicero and his incredibly influential translation work. You can read all about him here.

A Few Personal Reflections

  • This week has probably been my healthiest yet (in my entire life!). My new fitness routine is off to a great start, and I managed to keep to my calorie and exercise goals for the week. I’m really enjoying eating more consciously / healthily, I just have to hope and pray I can keep it up! Thank you for all your health tips!
  • Some of you may know that I’ve been having problems with a neighbour. He has been acting seriously crazy this last week, and I’d appreciate your prayers that he would be set free from whatever evil spirit is influencing him. Also for my protection! And please know I am keeping all of you in my prayers.
  • Who watched the royal wedding yesterday? I found it really quite moving, and it was such a beautiful day for the celebrations. It was interesting to see the mix of American and British culture, but the event has left me with a burning question that I’d love to ask you all…

Question of the Week

What did you think of the sermon by Bishop Michael Curry?
Let me know in the comment below!



  1. That castle though!! Just like a fairytale…The sermon was great too, but I think there have been moments when he should have kept it simple and …. royal… It wasn’t another regular Sunday service… But otherwise great message

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  2. I didn’t watch the wedding, but I saw some clips. I was so happy the preaching was on Christ, and I love the evident connection between the bride and groom. Way to go on your health journey!!

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      1. Wow, way to go!! Thank you! Yes, the week is going good. πŸ™‚ I am planning to go to bed before 3 am haha, still late, but not as bad. Have a wonderful new start to the day!!!

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          1. Yes! I hear you, especially with the studies about the white light making our brain think it’s “daytime” although I do have an orange light app on my computer to help my eyes adjust better. Blessings!!

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