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Blog Spotlight (Apr 2018)

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Welcome to April’s Blog Spotlight! Every month I select a small number of blogs that have been submitted to my Promote Your Blog page and invite you to check them out and support them. This month is a mixed bag โ€“ an established blogger, a philosophy blogger, and a newbie Christian blogger.

Show them some love!

1) The Burning Lamp

Hello, Iโ€™m Lisa Beth, I have two sites, both are grounded in my Christian faith. The first came forth from a time of betrayal, loss, and calamity, Crushed By God. As my life unraveled, my faith was deeply tested. The posts about anxiety attacks, depression, and disappointment are from this journey and are intended to encourage others to trust in Godโ€™s sovereignty and faithfulness.

My second site, The Burning Lamp, is a bit lighter. It includes testimonies of faith, current events, and even articles about animals and creation. โ€œCan Animals Preach the Gospel?โ€โ€ฆfind out at The Burning Lamp!

Well, thanks so much for letting me share! May the Lord richly bless you all.

2) The New Stoa

Hello, I run The New Stoa. I explore philosophical ideas, current events, and things that generally interest me (mostly ancient philosophy, science, and sometimes personal anecdotes). The goal is to create a place which generates discussion surrounding these topics as I feel that active discussion trumps all other forms of knowledge acquisition whether it be writing about them or reading about them.

Creating and fostering a community geared towards the open and earnest exchange of ideas is my primary goal, along with sharing my own personal thoughts and opinions. Thanks for your time and consideration.

3) Walking on Unsteady Ground

Hey guys, my name is Katie. I am a relatively new blogger. My blog is designed for everyone who needs guidance, reassurance, advice, and someone to relate to. I have 3 sections: ‘Maintaining Steadiness’ which are lessons Iโ€™ve learned from daily scripture reading, ‘Walking Unsteadily’ which is about my daily life, and my newest section called ‘For the Alcoholic’ which is about my journey through recovery.

That’s a wrap! If you have submitted your blog but haven’t been featured in a Blog Spotlight, it’s nothing personal, it’s just that there are a lot of submissions and I’m not able to feature everyone. However, there’s every chance you will be featured in a future post.

I hope you are feeling full of the joys of Spring โ€“ keep in touch and God bless you!

Steven x


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