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Question of the Week

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Hi folks! I hope you’ve had a good week? Every Sunday I write a quick recap of my week in blogging followed by a few personal reflections concerning my life at this time. Today I’d like to introduce something different as well – a way of helping me get to know you a little better. So we’ll close with a ‘Question of the Week’ and if you feel like participating, that would be amazing!

The Week in Review

For this week’s Monday Music post I shared a song that I find deeply moving. The artist is Laurel Hubick and her song, entitled Names of God, is (as the title suggests) a journey through many of the names of God found in the Bible. You can read the post and listen to the song here.

On Thursday I was back with this week’s Thursday Theology post in which I looked at what I find to be one of the most convincing reasons for accepting the Christian faith. The Bible compels us to become fools for Christ, and in this post I looked at what 1 Corinthians has to say about The Foolishness of the Gospel. You can read the post here.

To round off the week I published my Friday Philosophy post. I really enjoyed writing this post, which looked at the famous Greek philosopher Socrates, and his big idea that the only thing we can truly know is that we know nothing. You can read the post, entitled Can We Know Anything? by clicking here.

A Few Random Reflections

  • I went into central London yesterday for the first time in ages. I met my friend on Trafalgar Square and it was absolutely packed with tourists. What struck me was how everyone was filming and taking photos with their smartphones – it made me think how you really cannot be camera-shy in public these days, as in busy places you’re likely to get caught in dozens of snaps whether you like it or not!
  • I bought some new clothes this week as I recently had a clear-out of my wardrobe. I decided to give away a bunch of clothes to someone in my area using Freecycle. The lady who collected the clothes was a Muslim woman and as she looked through the clothes she seemed delighted with their quality and size (I believe they were for her son). Always a blessing to be a blessing!
  • As I type this I can hear mice scuttling around in the walls of my flat (it’s early in the morning and they seem to be night-time creatures). I’m just so glad that having gone around all the cracks in the walls with filler, they can no longer get into the flat! But that gives me an idea…

Question of the Week:

Have you ever had a bad experience with rats or mice?
Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Don’t have any bad experiences because of rats or mice, but do have a lot of them relating to mice and rats. My family used to have a rat as a pet, Rizzo, who was fantastic, and we had a few mice too. One of mine was impregnated by a wild mouse, how exactly will forever remain a mystery! But shortly later she gave birth to almost a dozen baby little mice who hopped around to the point where they could eventually jump straight out of the box which was their home. We had to eventually let them go into the wild, I wonder what happened to them.

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    1. Ha! That’s cool David. My sister and I had pet gerbils and guinea pigs when we were little. Was always good fun when they had babies! But yeah I thought you might have some stories as I know you Aussies are pretty hardcore when it comes to wildlife! 😊

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  2. When we lived on the farm in Nebraska, 1951-1960, we had plenty of mice, but the cats always ate them.
    I did however, have to stay for four months in New Iberia Louisiana, (1989) in their parish jail. It was 200 years old and made of plaster. At night you had to fight the cockroaches for the mattress. So I learned to stay up all night and sleep during the day. Get a cat Steven. Or two.

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      1. Louisiana cockroaches are as big as mice, bigger. If you hold you hand out, palm up, they could span from heel to finger tips. the babies were half that size. Two could fit.
        Sorry about the no cat thing. There’s a sonic blaster that should make them run for the fields, if you can find one in the big city. It plugs right into a wall socket and the pitch should not affect you.

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  3. Oh yes! Rats live in our sewage pipe.
    I was horrified when I lifted the manhole cover last year and discovered their very large droppings. Initially I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing (do I detect a blog post theme emerging?!) and tried to explain the shape and size as being anything other than a rat’s calling card.
    I called the Water Board, and they put cameras down to locate where the rats were entering the system, but it was beyond the reach of the cable, and “further down the line”
    For nights I worried about rats coming up through the loo, but I’ve now relaxed, and realised there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s been a lesson to me in ‘positive’ acceptance, rather than apathetic acceptance…
    At least I will have given Welsh Water’s Call Centre staff a laugh (“all calls are recorded for training purposes”) when I asked “So can you promise me a rat will never appear up the toilet bowl and bite my b*m?!”

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    1. Oh well the only words of comfort that I can offer you is that I do believe everything happens for a reason! It’s good that you’ve seen the escapade as a lesson in ‘positive’ acceptance. I’ve had to learn that lesson several times too in recent years, though not due to rats… Thank you for sharing your story! 🙂


  4. Hey Steven, I hope you’re well and enjoying your Sunday. I do have some nice memories….I used to live with my widowed grandmother when I was in college. It was an old apt, which I loved. Late at night, while studying, I would make popcorn on the stove. One or two little mice would come out from the woodwork – the popping was like a dinner bell to them! Well, it’s my fault because I would toss kernels out to them, they were trained like Pavlov’s dog! 🐁
    P.S. Grandma was NOT happy when she found out.

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    1. That’s funny, Lisa! It’s interesting how you really didn’t mind them (even encouraged them) while most people would head straight for the mouse traps! Maybe there’s a lesson in your story about popcorn being good bait – I was advised to use peanut butter and was told that’s their favourite. But that didn’t work for me 🙂 Thank you and God bless!

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  5. I know you said mice and rats, but I have an opossum story, and they’re technically rodents, right?
    My husband and I were living in Kentucky working on our master’s degrees. The only housing we could afford was a trailer in which the protective underpinning had started to come loose. We are Floridians and didn’t know better.
    In the winter, a rather large opossum took up residence underneath the trailer, about where the bathroom (leu?) was. And, for a solid three months, every time anyone would use the toilet, a distinct hissing emerged from underneath the floor! After week two, we just got used to it.

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    1. I had to google ‘opossum’ as I wasn’t sure what they look like. They’re kind of scary! Funny about the hissing noise, that must have been quite amusing (and a little unsettling!). Great story 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  6. I haven’t, but I gal in southern Texas had rats in her Christmas tree one year. She pulled out her shotgun and took care of the problem. Just what I was told.

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    1. Hi Lynn! Bless you, you’re very kind. Another blogger I follow was doing a ‘Question of the Day’ so I pinched the idea and adapted it slightly! I think it’s a good way of getting to know people a little better 🙂 Hope you have a joyful and inspired week, my friend!


  7. When I was a teenager, a building near my home was torn down and some “reclaimed” structures were brought in from outside our area to erect a building in its place that had a “rustic look.” Along with the reclaimed structures came rats like we had never seen in our area. One of them, a creature that measured just a shade under 20 inches tip to tip, chased my big tom cat home and my uncle shot it just when it tried to follow the cat into the basement. Our primary concern was that the rats might be rabid, because they were out and about in the daylight, and did not seem to be afraid of us. I don’t remember how this issue was resolved, only that my uncle went after the rats with the owners of the building. My guess is that they did not fare well.

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  8. We live in the Midwest and had a particular problem with mice in the walls of our house this year. I think we trapped more than 20 of them. Ugh. I’m not afraid of them but I do hate their “leavings” and their scratching sounds at night.

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    1. 20 of them? That’s crazy. So many. I have only had a couple in my flat before I went around and sealed all the cracks. I’m surprised that it has actually worked! But yeah, still hear them in the walls all the time. The house attached to this one has been vacant for a long time, and my theory is that they are coming from there. I have reported the empty house to the council, there’s not much more I can do. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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