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Easter Sunday | Blessings!

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Hello friends and followers of Perfect Chaos. This is actually a scheduled post, written yesterday (Saturday), as today I am busy traveling to Oxfordshire to spend some time with family. I have an older sister, who has flown over from Berlin for a few days, and we’ll be getting together with my father and his partner in Abingdon, which is the historic town where I grew up. I should be back in London on Monday evening.

The Week in Review

For my Monday Music post I shared an update on the T.E.N. Project, which is my ongoing experimental music project. I also gave details of the competition I’m running for someone out there to decide the album title and win a great prize. You can read the post here.

For this week’s Thursday Theology post I shared a short video which presents a metaphor for the omnipresence of God. The video, hosted on a Jewish website, looks at the analogy of fish swimming in water to demonstrate how God is all around us all of the time. To read the post and watch the video, click here.

To finish the week, I shared my weekly Friday Philosophy post. Each week we look at a key idea or insight from a famous philosopher from history, and at the moment we’re looking at the ancient Greek philosophers. This week we looked at an important and profound idea by Zeno of Elea. To read the post, click here.

Some Random Thoughts to Round Off the Week

  • Despite not being a practicing Christian at present, I very much respect how important this time of year is for Christians. I hope that my Christian followers have had a blessed Holy Week, and let me wish you all a very Happy Easter!
  • In a previous blog post I proudly proclaimed I’d given up fizzy drinks. Well, sadly, I’ve somewhat ‘relapsed’ this week, and the poison that is Coca-Cola has re-entered my life (and my body!). I know it’s doing me no good – I can feel it – so I’m determined to give it up again soon!
  • I’ve felt God prompting me to read from the New Testament epistles this week, and in particular certain passages where Paul writes about the ‘foolishness’ of the gospel. I’m thinking of forming my thoughts on these passages into a Thursday Theology post, so keep an eye out for that.

It just remains for me to assure you that I am praying for you! Every Sunday I spend some quality time in prayer, and I always lift up my blog followers to God and ask for His blessing and favour over your lives in the week ahead. I know He hears these prayers! Thank you for reading, God bless you, and have a wonderful week! ❤️


  1. It seems remarkable to me — and so I’m remarking 🙂 — that you would say you’re not a practicing Christian when you are speaking of Christian good news, reading from Christian epistles, feeling rather prayerfully pastoral about your readers, and pondering Pauline theology. I’d call that “practicing” — unless of course you immediately set out to live in ways that would oppose your understandings of Christian teachings.

    Incidentally, I feel my own praxis is often rather weak. Today, I am musically contributing to a friend’s church at three so-called “services” (a misleading term of Christian “practice,” in my opinion) and soon will rejoin my family and a visiting friend. Later, we will gather informally with four others to consider and sing about various covenants (given through Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Christ). We will also focus in on Jesus’ relationship with Pharisees as presented in Matthew 23, and His death and resurrection; then we’ll consider some excerpts from a NT scholar on “laying down the Law.” I’m hopeful that these things please God. I have prayed for God’s smile on you, too, Steven.

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    1. Hi Brian,

      Thank you for your comment, and I certainly understand how it could seem strange that I involve myself with many Christian activities which not calling myself a practicing Christian. What holds me back is that studying the Bible has taught me the radical nature of following Jesus – how it is a way of life (taking up our cross daily to follow Him). I don’t feel I can do that right now with the theological problems I have with the Christian faith, which I believe you are familiar with.

      Because I know God is real, and sovereign, I still want to pray for people 🙂 And I study the Christian scriptures regularly, wondering whether I might be persuaded to once again commit to dedicating my life to Jesus. The Bible has had a huge impact on my life!

      Thanks again, Brian.


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  2. Freaky, as I too, have started reading again from the New Testament but a week ago; upon urgings.
    I gave up carbonated drinks in 1996…Pepsi was my spoiler. Now I just drink water. Because I pray before, during and after all things, I call it my living water. Hoping your family is well and your visit, exquisite.

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    1. Hi Philip 🙂

      I find drinking carbonated water is a good way to wean myself of Coca-Cola. Strange how addictive these colas can be! You’ve done a great job giving them up for more than 20 years, I’m impressed!

      My visit went really well thanks, my family are all well and we had some good conversations and good laughs 🙂

      God bless you and have a great week.


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      1. Now that I think about it Steven, because we all know that coca cola is used as a rust dissolver, the carbonation is also bad for our body. If you had an upset stomach, I would recommend Vernors Ginger Ale, for the forcing of gas bubbles to be released. The carbon dioxide present in your water, however, increases the acidification of gastric juices and accelerates their production, which also accelerates digestion but also causes acid reflux, acidity, and absorption problems, which can be especially painful for people that suffer from gastritis and stomach ulcers. The carbonation further interferes in the absorption of calcium in your bones, which causes a loss in bone mass. This weakens your bones and promotes osteoporosis. I understand that you’re very young right now and may not see these as issues, but you won’t stay young forever. To good health and a long life. Stay wise and be well.

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      1. Yeah I think it was more God. I asked Him to help me stop. We had the whole He is greater than any craving I have for some sugary drink that’s just dirtying up His temple. Soon enough, I didn’t want it anymore, and water, which I HATED became a love :):)

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