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Ill-Advised Late-Night Post

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It was another busy week on Perfect Chaos. As well as my scheduled posts I managed to squeeze in a couple of extra bits of meat along with my regular blogging veg. (Don’t ask where that analogy came from, it’s 3.30am and I need my beauty sleep!)

Let’s take a look at what you could have won…

The Week in Review

We kicked off the week with a different kind of Monday Music post. I felt compelled to share an immensely creative promo video for Apple’s new music device, the HomePod, and I’m not even getting affiliate income! You can thank me later, Apple. Check out the articleΒ here.

On Tuesday I got a bit emotional and shared a lament about my predicament concerning the Christian faith and how it doesn’t quite square with my beliefs concerning free will. It’s the first time I’ve ever turned off comments for a post, because it was super-personal. Thank you so much to everyone who emailed me with feedback, I’m very grateful. You can read the post here.

Wednesday was Blog Spotlight day. I do these once a month as a way of giving a shout-out to some of you who have contributed to my Promote Your Blog page. This month the focus was on two bloggers who write about their experience of abuse. You can check out the post here.

For my Thursday Theology post I picked up where I left off last week (when we discussed different types of determinism) by honing in on the free will problem. After defining a few different types of free will, I offered some deep reflections on why I believe none of them make sense, and what I believe to be the truth of the matter. Read the article here and see whether or not you agree.

On Friday I offered up a dose of Friday Philosophy, and honed in on another of the presocratics, Heraclitus, and his famous saying about rivers. Not sure what I’m on about? Check out the post here!

Some Random Thoughts to Round Off the Week

  • I’m considering introducing a ‘Question of the Day’ post once a week, if I can find a free slot in the schedule for it. It would be an opportunity for more reader-engagement which would be really cool! Thank you so much to SaraInLaLaLand for the great idea.
  • My cup of tea is stone cold so hold tight while I pop it in the microwave for thirty seconds… β˜•οΈβ±…Β Ping! Ahhh…
  • Next week I won’t be blogging as much as I need to focus on recording a new song for my music project. But I’ll endeavour to keep up my scheduled posts.
  • I bought a map of the world! It’s huge! And it’s adorning the wall of my hallway. I’m actually among the tiny minority of Brits who aren’t obsessed with traveling – the purpose of said item is purely to improve my appalling geography!

As usual on a Sunday I will be spending some quality time in prayer later today and I will be lifting up all of my readers to God and asking for His blessing and favour over your lives in the coming week. Thank you so much for following and have a terrific week! ❀️


  1. Hi Steven!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one whose geography is appalling.

    Where did you buy a map of the world from – Amazon? I’d like to buy one too.

    Peace and love to all,


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    1. Hi Dinos!

      Yes, I got mine from Amazon. It’s a really good one, and was under Β£10.

      Here’s a link:

      I like the fact it’s laminated – hopefully means it’ll last a long time! But bear in mind that it is quite large; I advise measuring up an area where you’d like it to go πŸ™‚

      God bless you, friend, and have a great week.



  2. It’s not always easy to consolidate our faith with our belief system is it… On a slightly girly different note, have you heard Blinded by your Grace (Part 2) by Stormzy? The video is worth watching it too. I’ve been listening to it a lot this week.

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  3. Very encouraging. It touched me how you said you’ll be praying for your readers. I should do that for my Twitter followers! Thanks Steven!

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