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Blog Spotlight (Mar 2018)

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Greetings, and welcome to this month’s Blog Spotlight. There is a page on my blog where anyone can submit some info about their blog, and every month I write a spotlight post highlighting a few of your contributions. To see previous Blog Spotlight posts, go here.

This month I will be sharing two blogs which share in common that the authors are survivors of abuse, and write blogs about their journey of recovery. My hope is that this post, and these blogs, will be helpful to someone who is going through a tough time.

Putting Hope to Work

My name is Jenny and my blog is entitled “PuttingHopeToWork – a journey to better understand the intertwining of Faith and Hope”. While Faith and Hope are a favorite topic, I also share a lot of my own personal story in overcoming the wounds of an abused and dysfunctional childhood, and deliverance from a pattern of abusive and controlling relationships.

The world will tell you that once broken, always broken. But that is a lie! Jesus is BIGGER and He is more than able (and more than willing) to walk anyone out of their past and into the spacious and blessed life He has purposed for them. This is my story of putting my hope-filled faith in the promises and character of God to work.

Gritty Momma

Thank you for providing this opportunity! As a survivor of mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse, I write about the importance of mental and emotional health, abuse awareness, and how to cultivate a culture of compassion, respect, and understanding. Life is full of grit, and it takes a lot of grit to get through it! Hence the blog name:

I also write about cooking and baking, homeschooling (I’m a homeschool grad and plan to homeschool our kids), and parenting topics in general. I am a wife to a loving husband and mom of two rambunctious toddlers, so life is often topsy-turvy. I am a Jesus follower because I’ve experienced his deep love for me, and he’s where I find the grit to carry through. ❤

I hope you enjoy checking out these blogs. If you would like your blog to be considered for a future Blog Spotlight, you are welcome to submit your blog to my Promote Your Blog page. I can’t guarantee that I will feature every blog, but even if you’re not featured, hopefully you’ll get a bit of extra traffic from people reading through the posts.

Wishing you all a peaceful and blessed day, and thank you so much for following Perfect Chaos!



  1. Thank you so much, Steven! This is quite kind, and I’m grateful. I am also delighted to be paired with Jenny and have the chance to learn more about her journey through her blog. Many blessings!

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  2. What a great idea, and how thoughtful of you. Maybe I’ll submit my blog for consideration. I might even copy your idea…Cheers!

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