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Listen to my New Song!

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I’m delighted to bring you song six of the T.E.N. Project. In case you’re not already aware, I’m releasing ten songs over ten months, with each song released on the tenth of the month at 10am. Each song is available on Bandcamp for one month, before being taken down to make way for the next release.

This month’s single is entitled Machines Taking Over the World and is a riff-driven heavy rock song that sounds a warning against the increasing power and prevalence of machines and artificial intelligence in the digital age. I recently wrote an article on this subject which you can read here.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

Calling up the companies, automated systems
Smartphone addiction, digital biology
Waiting in the hold queue, talking to the robots
Slave to an unknown algorithm

There is power in being free (x4)

Machines, machines, taking over the world (x8)

21st century, the death of all privacy
Anything is just, with a digital morality
Moving very quickly, out of all control now
Racing towards total technocracy

And it’s driving me up the wall (x4)

Machines, machines, taking over the world (x8)

You can listen to the song on YouTube (embed below) or on Bandcamp, or whenever you visit my blog via the audio player on the right hand side of the screen. For full details of the T.E.N. Project including a competition to decide the name of the album (and receive a great prize) check out my Music page.

Enjoy the song!


    1. Thank you! It’s true, although some people do actually believe one day machines will be conscious. If we were purely material creatures, I could believe it, but there is a spiritual side to human beings that I doubt can be replicated.


  1. 3 things..

    This reminds me of Wayne’s world for some reason
    That thing in the middle of the eye kinda looks like your giving the machines the finger—THERE IS POWER IN BEING FREE
    Rock on man!

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  2. I totally feel that, I love being unplugged as in being in a different room to my phone intentionally, some people don’t understand why I do that but in think its important to have time away from technology were so “wired” excuse the pun lol its not healthy

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