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Be Anxious For Nothing

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Good morning, folks! For today’s Monday Music post I’d like to share a beautiful piece of creative work from a Christian musician based here in the UK. Jonathan Ogden describes himself as a ‘creative missionary’, and aims to reach people with the Christian gospel through a variety of music and art projects, all of which demonstrate real talent (and hard work!).

Check out Jonathan’s amazing artwork here:Β http://typographicverses.com/
Check out Jonathan’s band Rivers and Robots here:Β https://riversandrobots.com/

The specific piece I want to share today is a video by Jonathan based on Philippians 4:6-9. The video is presented in such a way as to help viewers meditate on the words of this passage of Scripture – a passage which will be familiar to many of you. It was filmed during a trip to New York City and I think it’s really quite beautiful!


    1. Thanks for reading/watching Anthony πŸ™‚ I think as a creative soul yourself you’d find a lot of their work to be inspiring, so definitely consider investigating further on YouTube etc, if you get a chance. God bless.


  1. Oh my! Would you believe I published a blog post analyzing this verse a few minutes ago! Your channel has provided me with confirmation – the Lord is calling me and all His children to peace in the midst of a seemingly chaotic world. Lovely video! Do you mind if I share it at the bottom of the post?

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