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The work of a blogger is never complete! And that’s one of the things that is so wonderful about blogging (and being creative in general) – we’re always growing and learning. This week I discovered some things I can do with my theme that I didn’t even know were possible, and I tackled some housekeeping issues with the blog that have been loitering in the back of my mind for some time.

Changes I’ve made this week:

  • Added a Top Menu (at the very top of the page)
  • Added a Social Media Menu (top right)
  • Reorganised Categories (in the right sidebar)
  • Added an Audio Widget (also in the right sidebar)

I realise these changes are going to make the homepage look a little ‘busier’ at first, but I’m hoping you’ll easily adjust to the changes. I’m not going to do a Facebook and endlessly add new boxes and features so that visiting my blog becomes really confusing. I expect the changes I’ve made to make navigation and engagement easier.

This Week’s Posts

I was a little anxious about posting this week’s Thursday Theology post, as I knew it would lead to impassioned discussions among my fellow theologians and Christian friends over the free will issue. Nevertheless, I’m glad to keep expressing those aspects of the Christian worldview that I struggle to accept and believe, and I’m grateful to everyone who encourages me to voice my beliefs, and to everyone who thinks deeply about the problems I raise.

On Friday I posted my first Friday Philosophy post, entitled ‘Is Everything Made of Water?’ and was grateful for the warm response that post received. Next Friday the series will continue with a look at a big idea by Pythagoras, and don’t worry, I won’t be getting mathematical on you as maths isn’t exactly my area of expertise!

My Week in Review

It’s been a truly wonderful week, by God’s grace. I was happy and motivated every day and managed to get a lot done. I even went swimming, which always feels like a chore but is great exercise and very refreshing. I’ve given up Coca-Cola completely, and have stopped sweetening my hot drinks with sugar, these dietary changes being made partly to acknowledge the Lenten season and partly for health reasons.

There has been no news on whether I will be able to get an Assured Tenancy Agreement for my present accommodation, but after much prayer I remain convinced that God wants me to stay here and so I’m trying to ignore the practical uncertainties, trust God, remain prayerful, and focus my attention on living well.

Oh, and I spent a big part of the week recording song six of my T.E.N. Project. I’m really excited about this one; I feel as though it’s the best of the project so far. I had no idea what it would sound like when I started to put the song together, but it all came together well and is sounding absolutely rocking. Release date is 10th March!

Be assured that you’re in my prayers – every Sunday I spend some quality time on my knees to the Lord reaching out to Him on behalf of my friends, family, acquaintances, and followers. I wish you all a wonderful week and thank you so much for reading, I appreciate you! 


  1. Its awesome when you find out what you can do with your WordPress theme! Good stuff Steven.

    Aaah the coke poison, I am wanting to say goodbye to coke as well. How are you feeling?

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    1. Hey Dave!

      It was actually easier to give up than I imagined. I think the stuff wreaks havoc with our blood sugar levels, and I was worried about diabetes (I’m no medical expert but I could feel the effect it was having on my body). I do feel a lot healthier now. I will probably still have a can once in a while. I was having one every day, which I think is too much!

      God bless you, friend, and have a super week!

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  2. I love you Steven, one because you are my Brother, and 2 you always give God the glory that He so rightly deserves. It is statements like, “It’s been a truly wonderful week, by God’s grace.” and “so I’m trying to ignore the practical uncertainties, trust God, remain prayerful,” that reinforce this. It is always a blessing to read 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Margaret. One thing you will learn about me is that I believe God is totally sovereign over my life (and all our lives) so it is only right to acknowledge Him in all we do. I’m grateful that I have that awareness of God’s existence!

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    1. Hi Dinos,

      Just to encourage you – if you are able to give it up for a few days, after that it becomes so much easier! Another tip, try drinking sparkling water as a substitute 🙂 Oh, and pray about it!

      God bless!



    2. Dino, It took me a while to completely quit. As early as last year, I would “treat” myself to a Diet Coke when traveling or otherwise out. Finally a lightbulb went off … and I thought “why in the world would I consider drinking something that poisons my body a ‘treat’?” That settled it for me. I’m all about unsweetened iced tea, seltzer – sometimes with a splash of juice, and my home brewed Kombucha. Praying 2018 is your year to kick the Dr. to the curb 🙂

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      1. Thank you so much, Miss Hope.

        Right now, I’ve reduced to a two-litre bottle of Dr Pepper per fortnight. I don’t drink it as a treat but when I can’t hold out any longer. It’s like an addictive drug but I know it’s mostly sugar.

        Peace and love to all,



  3. Way to go on all of the revisions and changes you are making to the blog. It is time-consuming but so worth it!!! Congrats on your music! Continued prayers for you as well. Sometimes you just have to share what’s on your heart regardless, it’s a good way to push yourself and others. 🙂

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