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Happiness in the Digital Age

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The rate at which technology has advanced since the turn of the century is staggering, and while it’s wonderful to unbox a new phone or tablet, it can also be very stressful trying to keep up with the latest software and hardware across a range of media and devices. In this post I want to offer a few reflections on how we can experience peace and fulfilment amidst the chaos of the digital age.

Maintaining Focus

I believe everyone has God-given areas of talent and expertise. Of course, to become good at anything takes commitment and practise, and because of this, it’s a good idea to narrow down one’s interests to a particular niche.

Personally, as you will see from my blog headline, I have two great passions, music and theology. Ideally, I would have a separate blog for each of these interests, as not everyone is into both. But at the present time I feel running one blog is enough, so I take a positive spin on things and hope I will introduce some music lovers to my theology, and some theology lovers to my music.

By narrowing down our focus to those areas in which we have a God-given talent, we can work on honing our skills and not get sidetracked trying to juggle so many different activities that we become overburdened. In an age where our options can seem endless, focus is key.

There will always be more to learn than we are able to learn because the Internet is a vast domain and there are only 24 hours in a day. I read recently that 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, and that’s just one example of the information overload that currently characterises the Internet. I don’t believe this is a bad thing in itself, but it warrants a response from us, and that response is to take an organised approach to life online.

Staying Organised

We all have to juggle many commitments, but I believe that in the digital age it is easier to be organised than ever before. Productivity apps such as Evernote, Google Keep, and Asana, help us to manage our time well and make sure we don’t forget things, which reduces stress. Of course, there is initial stress when figuring out how to use a new app and get to grips with all its features, but as long as we focus only on those apps which we consider will contribute to our wellbeing and ambitions, rather than distract us, there’s a huge amount value to be found.

I hope the above paragraph shows you that I’m not anti-technology, on the contrary, I believe it brings many wonderful benefits. However, we should regularly reflect on how we are using technology and be aware of the effect our devices are having on our wellbeing. As society moves at an ever-increasing speed to automate everything and employ artificial intelligence, we really need to evaluate whether being entirely dependent on technology is necessarily wise.

My New eBook

Amidst the chaos of the digital age, it’s vital that we take time to ask deep philosophical questions about what gives life meaning, and how we can be happy. To this end, I have put together a new PDF eBook entitled Finding Your Balance: The 10 Key Ingredients of a Happy Life, which I’m giving away free to everyone who subscribes to my mailing list. I believe you will find this resource thought-provoking, and I hope it will encourage you to reassess the happiness balance in your life.

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  1. Yes, the information age is alive and well as you so skillfully describe it, Steven! And as you suggest, it would be very easy to become overwhelmed by it! You have given us such a wise perspective here! Thank you! Love the thoughts about balancing it all that you give here. Thanks so much, my thought-provoking friend. 🙂

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  2. Finding that balance between technology and personal is very important! Often times the lines become so blurred because we find that our everyday focus centers around the new age of social media. Look forward to reading your thoughts via the ebook!

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    1. Hello! Yes, I totally agree. Social media can be very addictive, and although it has wonderful benefits, we should make sure we’re using these sites to our advantage rather than letting them dictate how we spend our time…

      Hope you enjoy the eBook and thank you so much for your comment! Steven


  3. This is great, Steven. While I think technology definitely helps us in organization and keeping things in it’s proper place, technology can also be a hindrance because there’s so much information constantly being put out that we can be overwhelmed.

    I liked when you said, “However, we should regularly reflect on how we are using technology and be aware of the effect our devices are having on our wellbeing.” Technology can just as easily affect our wellbeing in either a good way or bad way, but it all depends on what we do with it. If that makes sense.

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    1. Yes, absolutely. I do feel as though, in Western society (and in other societies), we are becoming very dependent on technology – perhaps too dependent. Feels a little dangerous. But as individuals we have a certain amount of control over the extent to which we let technology dominate our lives. So we have to make wise decisions, and recognise we all have a role to play.

      God bless you, and thanks for your comment!


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