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Philosophical Arguments for the Existence of God

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While I was studying Philosophy and Religion at the University of London, one of the modules I took focused on arguments for the existence of God. As interesting as they are, many of these arguments are quite long-winded and complicated.

I was recently pleased, then, to stumble upon an animated video series which looks at some of these arguments in simple, clear, and easily digestible form. If you’re interested in philosophy and/or theology, and in particular arguments for the existence of God, you might find these videos helpful.

The videos are produced by Reasonable Faith, which is the apologetics ministry of Dr William Lane Craig.

The Kalam Cosmological Argument

The Moral Argument

Leibniz’ Contingency Argument

The Fine-Tuning of the Universe

The Ontological Argument

Suffering and Evil: The Logical Problem

There’s a lot in these videos that I don’t agree with, but I think that they are helpful in that they present certain perspectives that are interesting and worth considering.

For my own arguments for the existence of God, check out my book The Philosophy of a Mad Man (for more details about the book click here).

What do you believe is the most convincing argument for the existence of God? Let me know in the comments!


  1. The most convincing is difficult to say. I like using the Cosmological with my students, followed by Paley’s design argument. I find Newman’s moral argument weaker, but I do have fun with the ontological.

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    1. Sounds like you’re something of an expert. I have a terrible memory and tend to forget a lot about the various arguments. So these videos are great for someone like me. I guess if you’re teaching them you are constantly refreshing your knowledge so probably don’t have that problem!

      Thank you, Padre, and God bless.

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      1. I don’t know if I qualify as an expert, but I just spent 3 hours marking papers on the teleological argument. After the 50th one, you do kind of have to let it all sink in. Have a great new year, and I look forward to your posts and TEN project in 2018.

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        1. Thank you Padre! Wishing you a wonderful 2018 as well. Not sure if you watched the video at the bottom of my Happy New Year 2018 post but I announced the poetry competition winners and you are one of them! So if you send me your address (my details are on my Contact page) then I will send you a copy of my book 😊

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  2. The most convincing evidence to me is that life without God seems to be an unbearable alternative. Also, Jesus and everything about His life, death and resurrection add up so well, and the evidence is overwhelmingly accurate that it would be absolutely (humanly speaking) impossible to deny that He was “not of this world”. Meaning that there is more to life than what our eyes can see.

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    1. Hey there, Selasi! Yes the Bible is certainly very persuasive when you read it through! But I suppose there are instances in which people would be unwilling to take the Bible seriously, perhaps some atheists or agnostics, and maybe for those people videos like these can be helpful? God bless and Merry Christmas!

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  3. The best arguments for God come from those who are living examples of the transformation only Jesus provides. People want to know the “reason for the hope” that lies in us. Ultimately though, it all comes down to God’s will. We do not have to use fancy words or arguments. We simply state the truth and God opens understanding to those He is raising up. I think you and I have similar beliefs on God’s soverignty.

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    1. Hey Amanda! Yes, totally get where you’re coming from. You might be right. I certainly agree that it all comes down to God’s will. But who or what is God? We have Jesus’ revelation, but is there also a part that reason can play in discerning things about God? If so these videos are interesting and helpful, I feel. Hope you had a lovely Christmas Day 🙂

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      1. I agree. God does use man to speak to man most often, and there are many ways He chooses to do that. Who can know the mind of God, right? If these videos help people, then that’s a good thing. I meant no disrespect against them.

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        1. Thanks Amanda. To be honest with you I fluctuate in terms of my regard for the importance of these kinds of philosophical arguments. At times I’m inclined to say the Bible alone is the source of all wisdom, but then again I feel surely God has had a hand in the history of philosophy and it has some value on some level? I’m grateful for your considerate comments 😊

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          1. I have trouble with things like that too. I suppose we could view it in light of the scripture that tells us that all things come together for the good of Gods people. On a similar topic, we could view medicine the same way. Jesus is the Physician and though he can heal us from physical as well as spiritual sickness, do we not go to a doctor when needed? I know some Christians do not believe in medicine, so again, its a point of reasonable debate. To each his own, is my take on it.

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            1. The medicine analogy is a good one. Being a Christian can be so exclusivist that we disregard so much of reality. Perhaps that’s what God wants us to do, or perhaps it’s rather narrow-minded! Something I need to continue to pray about. Thank you, friend 🙂

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  4. The design (and fine-tuning) argument appeals to me the most (of the ones you’ve listed). But I have others. The belief in God’s existence is really a basic starting point for me, but I don’t spend a lot of time there. The extraction of meaning from it is where I spend more time. That God exists is so very far from belief that the God revealing Himself in Scripture exists. That leaves me a lot of ground to cover with atheist friends of mine. One of my most enjoyable pursuits is spent with them. Thanks for the video links. Great stuff!

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    1. Hey Matt! Yeah, I went through a period of being interested in all the arguments, but similarly to you, questions around Scripture etc are more interesting to me these days, maybe because I don’t have any doubt concerning God’s existence. But I guess the arguments are still interesting to me on some level. And it’s good to be aware of them in case others bring them up. My problem is that I forget them so easily… perhaps that’s why these videos appeal!

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Matt, and Happy New Year!


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