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‘Turkey & Chores’ – A Christmas Eve Poem

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It’s probably the hardest few days of the year for many people, myself included. But amidst the worries and busyness, there’s always so much to be thankful for.

I’m so grateful that God has revealed Himself to me, and that He blesses me so abundantly, even on the bad days. To know Him, even a little, is a wonderful thing. In this spirit, I’ve written a poem that I hope you can relate to, whatever your beliefs.

Turkey and Chores

Twas the day before Christmas
And all through the land
Excitement was building
Celebrations were planned

Trees topped with fairies
And presents below
Food preparations
And wishes for snow

But deep in our hearts
We were anxious enough
That things could go wrong
And these days would be tough

For Christmas to many
Means grieving and pain
The hurt of old times
Comes to haunt us again

But take a step back
From the turkey and chores
And frantic gift wrapping
And wreaths on the doors

Look up to heaven
To God out of sight
Who carries you always
All day and all night

And ask God to save you
From death and disease
From the pain of old memories
Have mercy God please

Then maybe He’ll hear you
From heaven above
And bring you some comfort
Some sign of His love

And through all the struggles
At this time of year
You’ll know that to Him
You are precious and dear

Whether living for Jesus
Or seeking elsewhere
I pray that this Christmas
Brings joy you can share



  1. Wow Steven, this is so full of the love for God. It is beautifully penned. Thank you for sharing these hope filled words with us. It’s a great reminder that God is the One that is with us, will hear us, and heal us. He is a wonderful thing to be thankful for. God Bless you :):)

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  2. This is incredibly compassionate and beautiful, Steven. One of my favorite Christmas posts. Thank you. God bless you big time! And may His Spirit bring you great comfort this Christmas! I’m blessed to have met you here.

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