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Listen to my New Song!

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As I look through my living room window here in London I can see the wonderful sight of the first proper snow of the year. So it’s very fitting that I’m releasing my new single today, which is a worship song that features a suitably seasonal video.

This song is the third single to be released as part of my T.E.N. Project. If you’re new to my blog you might not know what the project is about, so I invite you to take a look at my Music page for all the details.

I hope you enjoy the song and video!


  1. Excellent! I love it. The rhythm is wonderful and sticks with me. And the melody is haunting…It would be wonderful to hear you “rock” this one with a band. But it is also very “singable” for a band-led worship service… I love the video as well. The way you worked the lyrics with the snow… And really? Snow in London? When we lived there, we weren’t so fortunate. No snow 😦 And therefore, no feeling of a Dickensian Christmas. Sigh. Ah, well. Wonderful post, Steven!

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    1. Hey Lynn! Thank you and really pleased you enjoyed the song! I could see it working quite well with a band too. In fact, yesterday I had a couple of ideas concerning how an arrangement might work. So, we’ll see!

      It’s always a novelty seeing snow over here these days – it used to be a lot heavier and a lot more frequent during the winter months.

      Which part of London did you live in, out of curiosity? Did you already tell me some time ago? Apologies if you did, I have a bad memory!


    1. Thank you for listening and for your comment, Lisa! (I nearly called you Beth again – for some reason I always want to call you Beth!!) I can’t take all the credit for the video as it was a collaboration with someone else, but I like how it turned out! God bless you and prayers for a great week πŸ™πŸ»


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