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Teach Me the Difference

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One of the blogs I follow is called A Christian Thought for Today. A few days ago, Nathan, who runs the blog, posted something very concise (as is his way) but this particular prayer really spoke to me, so I thought I would share it with you:

Lord, please teach me the difference between being child-like and childish, between being humble and being self-deprecating, between being meek and being walked over, between having passion and being over zealous. Lord, I have so much to learn. Help me to be an attentive student and to put into action in my daily life all that I learn from you. Amen.

I thought that these words captured something really important about the struggle of trying to live a godly life, and I’m sure that you ‘get it’ without me having to elaborate. So thank you Nathan for posting something so relatable, and I pray the Lord would teach us all those difficult lessons that are the subject of this post.


    1. Hey Crystal, haha yep I can relate! That makes me think of when I was fasting and I printed out scriptures about temptation and stuck them on my living room wall 🙂 God bless you – thanks for following!

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