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The Coming Week

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It’s always difficult to know whether to write about personal matters on this blog. I really don’t want to drift away from my focus on theology and there’s always the worry that if I speak too openly I might regret it. After all, my blog isn’t anonymous, and in the blogosphere you’re only ever a Google search away from anyone with an Internet connection.

On the other hand, the books I’ve written have been very raw and honest, and I do believe that when we’re open and vulnerable it allows others to relate and empathise with us, which results in the forging of stronger and deeper connections. The other thing is it’s easier to pray for people when you know what’s going on with them, and I really need your prayers. To a large extent, the readers of this blog are my church family at the moment.

I have two brief prayer requests:

1) Over the last few days I’ve been wrestling with some difficult emotions; fear, anxiety, anger, confusion. Some of these feelings are linked to a particularly difficult relationship I have with someone close to me, and who I feel has caused me a great deal of emotional pain. I’ve had a long struggle, and plenty of therapy, around this particular relationship, and still it troubles me on a daily basis. I’m almost tired of asking for prayer around this particular relationship, but no, persistence is key, and so, dear reader, as I continue to pray I ask for your help as well.

2) Being to some extent under the care of the mental health services in my area means I am constantly having conversations with people who are materialists and don’t really have a spiritual focus. At the moment there is an issue with my housing, and several people have given me very ‘worldly’ advice about how to deal with the problem (i.e. you need to fight!).

I’m so grateful to one of my readers (I want to protect their privacy so I won’t mention their name, but you know who you are) who recently left me a comment with these words from a Christian song:

You’re strong enough to win without a fight

As I head into a difficult week, with two meetings in which I will be challenged in relation to health and housing issues, I need to keep the sentiment of this line at the forefront of my mind, so that I act in a loving and godly way at all times.

If you believe in God and are reading this, please say a prayer that God will be with me in these meetings, that I will conduct myself in a way that pleases Him, and that the outcomes will be favourable.

Thus endeth prayer request number 2.

Thank you so much, blogging family, I love you! Have a wonderful week, and if there’s anything I can pray about for you, let me know 😃🙏🏻

Steven x


  1. 🙂 :)… 🙂 I’ll certainly pray for you earnestly. But one thing I’m very sure is that no matter what’s happening IN and AROUND you, God is still in the throne. He is still in control. 🙂 God Bless you MORE. 🙂

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  2. You are in my prayers. I’ve dealt with my share of hard relationships. It can be draining. God knows what you need. I don’t know your situation, but for me I’ve learned to look for the lessons learned from dealing with difficult relationships. Patience, faith in God, unconditional forgiveness and love. We must go through these things if we are going to learn to love as Jesus loves. God is rasing you up, Steven. ALL things come together for your spiritual good. Though it rarely feels like it at the time of trouble. You got my email. I’m here if you need support.

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  3. Dude, This community of Christian bloggers isn’t just about blogging, there are so many awesome people who know Christ here and will pray at the drop of a hat. You just need to ask and the support will be there. I have seen it here on this very blog.

    Father God I pray now for Steven and all that he is working through. The challenging situation with that person that is close to him and the regular conversations that he is having through the mental health services. You know it all. I pray that you Steven will make choices to be grounded and continue to abide in Christ during this time and seek counsel with mature healthy believers who can speak into your situation. That you would look after your physical and mental health during this time as well. You are a God who speaks, so I pray that you will get to the heart of the matter in regards to that person who is causing complications and communicate what Steven needs to do next in that relationship. Thank you that you are with Steven and you wont leave him. When the guests at the wedding ran out of wine, you turned water into more wine and it was pretty awesome wine at that, so how much more do you care about us when we are dealing with the world and we need wisdom. Give Steven peace and wisdom in these meetings

    Do not be anxious about any of this stuff man, but instead bring it all to God in prayer, doesn’t matter how many times and remember to be thankful during this time in prayer. There is a promise that the peace of God will guard your heart and mind in Christ. Got to him as soon as you start to feel restless. Peace to you

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    1. Ah, bless you, Evad! Really appreciate those thoughts and prayers! Rest assured I’m in the habit of going to God when I feel anxious or restless – He is a truly mighty God! And yes, I also thank Him, for He has been very merciful to me, and has done great things! He is in all the details. Amen.

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    1. Bless you, David, thank you! I’m a bit behind on emails so haven’t seen whether you had time to post over the weekend (I know you’ve been working). In any case I’m excited about your next post 🙂 Have a great week brother!


      1. Thanks Steven, you have a good one too! I was a bit lazy yesterday, but a new post will be finished in an hour or two!

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  4. Dear Steven, I have kept you in my general prayers since I came across your blog a few months ago. We don’t agree on some fundamental points of theology and I may have written some things that you found distasteful or upsetting. I was only trying to help so I’m truly sorry if I ended up doing the opposite. Anyway, I’m writing today to assure you that I wish you well, and I will be praying that Our Blessed Mother helps you this week in your difficulties.

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    1. Hi Sarah! Don’t worry, I’m not upset or angry with you. There are so many different opinions on the web and we’re all doing our best to live in accordance with what we believe is the truth. I just said a prayer for you, for liberation from all that keeps you in bondage. And if you want to, simply unsubscribe, as that would be better than constantly getting into arguments in the future. As you say, we have very different beliefs, so you probably won’t feel comfortable here.

      God bless and all the best for the future!

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