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The State of It All

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Britain is broken. Individualism is now the unspoken religion of the masses. There is no fear of God; no love of neighbour. Instead, fearing sickness and death, our citizens ask “How much money can I earn in order to buy security?” And they bully their way to each new promotion, trampling down their neighbour in the process, because they see others doing the same, and have no values to guide their conduct.

Most of our emotions are now defined as mental illnesses, and are treated with pills that have little effect other than to harm the body, and confuse the mind. We have a medical system in chaos, but because we are conditioned to regard doctors as saints, few people speak out about the way capitalism has corrupted healthcare. Doing so would be unpatriotic.

We are a multicultural country now, and we are told to celebrate this. But in truth, we are all confused, lacking identity, and lacking community. We no longer know what it means to be proud of our country; to have a shared sense of purpose. So many voted for Brexit because they are angry about what our society has become.

Since the Second World War we have enjoyed great privilege and power, but secularism has crept in and gradually we have lost sight of the God who blessed us so richly. To an increasing number of people in British society, God is irrelevant or even offensive.

The coffee shop assistant, on his break, puts his foot up on the chair and plays the sound from his phone loudly. He can’t keep his eyes open. He has had only two hours sleep, as he was out partying for most of the night. He is in no fit state to work. He has no sense that he is a servant; that his conduct matters. He doesn’t value his work – it is just a means to an end. He is a broken soul, in broken Britain.

Reading the papers and checking social media, there are stories about the murder of babies and adults. Everyone is asserting their rights, even the right to kill their offspring, to change their gender, to put themselves first. There is no compassion, but instead, everyone is asking, ‘What about me?’ Every man for himself. Every woman for herself. This is broken Britain.

Families are fragmented and devoid of values. Relationships are about lust and sex rather than mission, humility, and service. So many are confused about gender and sexual orientation, and society’s solution is to offer surgery and pills rather than love and care. Our childrens’ role models are pop stars who are famous for fame’s sake, not because they have something valuable to offer society.

Our Prime Minister,
bereft of ideas,
speaks of ‘The British Dream’.
It is a fantasy,
there is no such thing;
she is running on empty.

Britain is broken,
and I am so sad
about the state of it all.


  1. Welcome to the United States, Steven. It is the same here. Go and read the book of Jeremiah. Though in a different time, that is how it was back then also.

    Just as in Jeremiah, God is always our hope that things like this are not going to last forever. When He gets enough of it, He’ll do something.

    The only thing we can do until then, is to stay true to Him and our beliefs. Good post. How is the neighbor thing going? God Bless, SR

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    1. Steven,

      You might like to read: Daniel Ch.2 v 31 onward. The image starts with a head of gold and ends with toes of Iron and clay. The head of gold was Babylon…we are now all the way down to the times of the the ten toes; ten kings; which is the last Roman revival…the time of the end.

      Emmanuel Macron has announced he will soon make TEN CONCRETE proposals to reform the EU after Brexit (EU Observer August 30th 2017) Macron recently met with the Priministers of Luxembourg, and Belgium… all under 45 , french speaking and all with liberal views. The 3 leaders said they wanted to create ‘a coalition of the willing’ to reform the EU. Macron went on to illustrate how the concept of a 2-speed EU is already a functioning concept in Europe.
      Austria’s new ruler (king) has just been elected and is only 31 years old with the same liberal views as the other 3 mentioned.

      Bible prophecy has long foretold that just before the return of Jesus Christ, an end time power will emerge in Europe made up of ’10 KINGS’ who will be ‘OF ONE MIND’ and will willingly give their power and authority to ‘the beast’ for a short time.(Revelation: 17. vs 12-13) Germany are also looking for a new strong leader.

      Then: Daniel ch.12 v’s 8, 9 &10. These words /prophecy shut up/ sealed till the time of the end, were OPENED just after the end of the 2nd world war, about 1952. Those born around that time could be the last generation. So, the culmination of these events (choosing of 10 like-minded rulers/kings ) could lead to the fulfillment of this ancient prophecy.

      As your post shows so clearly, satan runs the world and we are totally in the grip of evil. Only our faithful, loving God, the Father of Jesus Christ our Lord can save us. Hold fast to THE WHOLE OF GOD’S WORD that you may be found worthy of escape.

      Never-the-less: Come precious Lord, come quickly.

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    2. I agree with your assessment of the USA and with how we, as believers in Jesus Christ, should respond to the times in which we now live. Yes, we must stay true to our Lord and follow his lead, do what he says, and say what he gives us to say. Jeremiah was called of God to speak to the people the words of God during such a time as this, and we must also be his voice in a dark world and within the worldly church to speak his truth, in love, to those who are going astray, who need to be rescued out of darkness and brought into God’s wonderful light. Sue

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      1. Hey Sue,

        How I agree “we must be His voice.” When I read the OT, and the NT as well, I see so much of history repeating itself. The US is reminding me so much of the Roman Empire. I know we are headed to a “fall” as great as they had, if we do not stop it.

        I always remember the Scripture, “We have no prince, prophet, or leader.” This is the US all over. At my age, I am glad I am on the downhill side of it. However, I worry so much for the future of my grandkids and kids as well. I

        I join all of you in prayer for not only my nation, but all of yours as well. God Bless, SR

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        1. SR, Thank you. Yes, history is repeating itself in many respects, only globally. Yes, the US is much like the Roman Empire. And, yes, we are headed for a fall. But, this is also prophecy being fulfilled, such as is written about in Revelation 13.

          The good news is that this is all temporary, that our God is completely sovereign, and that his will and purposes will be accomplished through it all in people’s lives. Many people are walking around with blinders on, but I believe God will open many eyes to the truth, and that many will turn their hearts to Jesus before his return. Sue

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    3. Hi SR! The media in Britain is obsessed with US politics, so we get to see what’s going on in the US. So I understand and sympathise. Our only hope is God, who I believe can change things if He so wills.

      I still haven’t crossed paths with my neighbour. Thanks for asking though!

      Peace and blessings,

      Steven 🙏🏻

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      1. Steven, you probably already know this, but don’t trust what you see in the media. Most of it is twisted, at least, or fabricated or partially fabricated. Much of what you see in our political arena is a “dog and pony” show. There is no right and left. They all answer to the same people, who are the same people your leaders answer to, or in some cases, could be some of your or our leaders, for they are the aristocrats, the wealthy and the powerful, the bankers, CEOs of large corporations, etc.

        We are all under a one world order, but it is still in the making. The beast is rising and is conquering nations, governments and peoples of the world, including Christians. Republicans and Democrats are just two sides of the same team who pretend to be opposing one another. Our political leaders are just puppets of a shadow government of the elite of the world. So much of what you see in the news about riots, demonstrations, mass killings, etc. is orchestrated and/or is carried out by those who are the ones taking over the world. Some of these incidents are totally fake. Some are partially fake.

        So, then they invent something they call “fake news” which is just another name for what they used to call “conspiracy theories” in order to convince the American people not to believe anything from any source other than mainstream media (the real fake news). They even invent fake news stories to prove their point. We have to think “beast” here. If the beast is to take over the world, it is going to be largely through deception, and what makes the best possible “image” of the beast is television, and many households set it up in their homes as an idol which they do indeed “worship.” And, because so many people believe everything they see on TV in the news, many are deceived. I used to be one of those until God opened my eyes to see the truth. Sue

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  2. It’s similar in Australia too, I think its a problem of the Western world. We’ve become obsessed with trivialities to fulfil an empty void of purpose, just look at social justice movements who treat causes like bathroom rights as a defining moral issue of a society (one example).

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    1. Hey David,

      That bathroom thing drives me crazy and I no longer shop at stores that support this. I never want a grown man in the same bathroom as my nine year old granddaughter. If I ever find out there is one, well I will just leave it there.

      Let us say I relate to being a “dog.” Now under this “I must have my right thing,” that means you will have to feed me, I no longer have to pay taxes, you will have to take care of my medical needs, and buy me a house. That is just how I look at it.

      If a grown man gets the right to go in a woman’s bathroom because he relates to being a woman and gets all of these “rights” then the same has to hold true for the rest of us.

      With all of the starving people in this world, I as you, cannot believe this kind of stuff is first and foremost on everyone’s mind! Thanks for letting me vent, God Bless, SR

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      1. Oh I totally agree. I think the current Halloween costume controvery is just another one of these kind of issues. It’s understandable if the costume is super offensive, but when it’s just showing an interest in an aspect of another cultural, it starts looking like moral outrage for the sake of outrage. We need to focus on bigger issues in our own countries and abroad, rather than this cultural policing in the name of some pseudo-equality ideology.

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  3. Steven, I empathize with your sentiments, for we are experiencing many of the same things here in the USA. I especially agree about the whole mental health thing and drugs. So many doctors have become nothing more than pill pushers, and many of them are even being instructed to just give people drugs and to not even try to help them solve their problems, from what I have been told. But, for any of us, our only hope is Jesus Christ and his salvation, his forgiveness and healing, and his care, comfort, help and guidance. No pills will ever heal broken hearts. Only God can do that! So, we need to be about sharing with people their only hope in this dark and ever increasing evil world of ours, and that is our Savior, Jesus Christ.

    In Christ, Sue

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  4. That is so sad Steven. I have a couple of friends in the UK and although they’ve never said as much, your post is encouraging me to pray all the more for those like my friends, and you. And I will.

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  5. The land down under is also broken, the whole earthly system is, and that is sad.

    Thank God for Jesus, what he has done and what he continues to do through the body of Christ and his Spirit.

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  6. You are very bold in what you write. Division is a very ugly spirit. God Bless You and stay close to our Lord. He is the only one who can keep us safe this time!.

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  7. Tremendous post, Steven … filled with passion and truth. As others have mentioned, this fits the U.S. almost word for word. So long as we have breath in us, we must continue to pray for this lost and perishing world.

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  8. What David said! And T.R., too. Powerful post, Steven. You are such an excellent writer! I love the oratorical feel that your repetition gives this post. I can almost hear echoes of Shakespeare’s Marc Anthony, “Brutus is an honorable man.”

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