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Updated ‘Essays’ page

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I just wanted to draw your attention to a couple of additions to the Essays page on Perfect Chaos.

First, you can download a truly wonderful essay by my friend Alan Millis on the subject of forgiveness. This is a really powerful paper that I believe will be life-changing for many readers. It demonstrates how the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (Matthew 18:21-35) contains the key to helping us forgive those who have hurt us.

The other addition to the page is a paper called ‘Dialogue on Key Philosophical Matters’ which contains a revised transcript of an email exchange I had with a friend back in 2012. I was rereading this exchange recently and felt compelled to offer it as a download as I believe it will be stimulating and helpful for many truth seekers.

Visit the Essays page on Perfect Chaos

Please let me know what you think of these additions to the blog. God bless!