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New Vlog: 5 Awesome Christian Resources

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In this new vlog I look at a bunch of resources that have contributed very positively to my Christian walk, and I hope that at least some of them will help you too. God bless!


  1. Hi! Wonderful, to answer your question: my own Christian resources are : the bible, Christain study books (after having shared my blog post about “Rebecca and baptism” some disciple recommended the book ‘they shall expell demons from Derek Prince’. Good stuff!), like minded disciples of Christ and lots of practise, what you can read in my blog! I bless you brother!! Love to read what your up to! Be blessed!!!

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    1. Hi Tim! Yes, the Bible is of course Number 1 and in a league of its own 😃😉 The Derek Prince book sounds interesting – casting out demons is definitely an area of my walk where I need to grow in confidence!

      Loving your blog Tim, God bless and will check out the link! 🙏🏻✝️

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