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Art Attack! Four Awesome Paintings

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Among the things I count myself capable of drawing are a tree, a sheep, and a cloud. And you could probably mistake any one of these three for the other two, such is the childish technique that I use. God has not blessed me with a painter’s hands (or at least I can say I’ve never taken the discipline seriously enough to practise and grow into a competent artist).

But I am lucky to have several friends who are very talented artists and whose paintings blow me away. I thought I would share with you four paintings by artists I know. Each of these has really touched me and impacted my life in a significant way.

1. ‘Heading for the Light’ by David McAdam

Heading for the Light.jpg

This painting is currently hanging on my living room wall. To me it represents a vision of the Christian coming to faith in Christ, with the believer stepping up out of the darkness of the world, as signified by the dark walls, and walking into the blinding light of God our Saviour. Looking from a slightly different angle, the painting might also represent death; leaving this world of darkness and entering into the light of eternal life in heaven.

(See more from David McAdam on his blog, here)

2. ‘Jeremiah 17:7-8’ by Helen Cassidy

Helen painting.jpg

This painting was given to me by a friend when I had just come out of hospital and was battling with a particularly tough spell of depression. The scripture from Jeremiah is hopeful and uplifting, and really spoke to me during that dark moment. Helen has painted many other pictures in a similar style and has a real talent for drawing and a love for serving God.

(As far as I’m aware, Helen doesn’t have a website, but you can contact her via Facebook here)

3. ‘Wandsworth Common’ by David McAdam

Wandsworth Common.jpg

Having lived in Wandsworth on and off for around 15 years I have really gotten to know the parks in the area. This common in particular has been a big part of my life over the years, and this wonderful painting captures the Bellevue Road area, where there are cafes and restaurants right next to the grassy common. I bought a print of this painting from David and it’s currently hanging in my living room.

(See more from David McAdam on his blog, here)

4. ‘The Bridge’ by Anthony Hodgson


This wonderful painting depicts the crucifixion of Christ and how He is a bridge from the darkness into the light. Anthony and I have become good friends recently and earlier this week we travelled to Norwich Cathedral to pick up this painting which has been featured as part of an exhibition there. The painting has actually been on tour in various venues around the country and is a powerful tool for evangelism.

(You can see more art from Anthony on his website, here)

I feel immensely blessed to have such talented friends! If you like this artwork please give this post a ‘like’, leave a comment, or visit the artists online. I’m sure they would all really appreciate your interest.

God bless and feel free to share a link to your favourite pieces of Christian art in the comments below. I’d love to check them out.

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