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A Dream from God?

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I had such a beautiful dream last night. It was really vivid. There was a large pool of water, perhaps a lake, and hundreds of people stood around the edge of the lake facing the water. The people were all singing Amazing Grace. I was holding a guitar and walking around the lake behind the people who were stood singing. I played the chords to the song as I walked around the lake behind the people and I was singing beautiful harmonies to accompany their singing. I felt such joy and freedom from fear and anxiety.

Sometimes people say they have received a dream from God. I believe every dream comes from God, as He is the author of everything that happens in our lives. But some dreams, the ones people often say are from God, have a special significance that sticks with them and perhaps provokes them to some kind of action. For instance, it’s common for people to have an experience of meeting Jesus in a dream.

I don’t know what my dream last night signified, if anything. I think many people feel tempted to read meaning into dreams but in my experience dreams are often muddled and chaotic and have no obvious meaning. Only God knows what’s really going on. But what I will say is that last night’s dream blessed me and I was pleased to wake up in a good mood as though some residual joy from the dream was still in my mind.

I would love to hear your experience of dreams that were particularly significant to you, or that you believe were from God and had meaning for your waking life. Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.


    1. I often do but I can rarely remember them with any clarity. I used to be able to remember dreams well, but in the last few years it’s rare. I believe it’s due to medication that I take which has affected the function of my brain. God bless and thanks for your comment 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing. How peaceful. I’ve had several God dreams throughout my life. I believe my most recent was dealing with anxiety I have for my adult children in this unsure age we live. It was quite long and vivid but I’ll share just a portion.

    My kids are visiting together in a hot desert Valley. I see desert mountains surrounding them. One has several stairs that lead to an entrance. I know inside is a safe shelter. Outside a man is guarding it. I hear a roar and see a vicious evil army stomping on top of the surrounding mountains. They are being held back by a hidden force that is breaking. Suddenly my children notice the enemy has broken the barrier. The man is now yelling to them “Run to Sanctuary”. I’m not there but I hear myself scream, “RUN!”. They run as quick as they can as the enemy gains ground towards them. The man at the door of the mountain screams again with greater urgency “RUN into Sanctuary!” They are skipping steps to get into safety. I see a large metal door shut and lock just as a huge dragon beats up against it with fire in his breath.

    Anyway there was a lot more. And turs our victorious. Dreams are amazing. When God speaks they warn, encourage and guide.


  2. I don’t usually remember dreams. One was special, though. My grandma was a strong Christian who had passed away several years ago when I dreamed I was in her kitchen. I looked into the freezer chest and saw a beautiful white cake decorated with three pastel butterflies, not bakery quality but what my grandma could have managed. The words He is Risen were on there, too, in green. When I awoke, I was stunned to realize that it was 10 years to the day since my grandma met Jesus face to face.


  3. Hi Steven, I noticed your post a few days ago and then forgot to respond. Anyway, for myself, I first had to google the definition of both ‘dream’ and ‘vision’. I’m not sure I understand yet, but I’m sure by my response here, you’ll give me some insight, as my brother in Christ, for that is why we exist and call ourselves Christians or disciples of Christ. Anyway I’ve had a few. The first was before I totally accepted the anointing’s guidance in me (1 John 2:27) around 2002: I’m in a kitchen, I hear someone shouting me to come quickly, I run out the front door of my brick house to the right, then see a person lying dead on the ground. I lay down over them and tell the body to get up in Jesus name which they do. In another, around 2006, the planet is rotating before my eyes as I’m floating with Abba Father watching the world rotating. We are looking at the light and dark areas on the planet. Father calls be the conductor and He tells me to move Kingdom resources from light areas to dark areas. In another, that came in the night of March 18th 2016 around 1am while I was on my first kickstart in San Antonio, Texas, I’m at a big top tent of red and blue and white. Then it’s totally pitch black. Then I reappear in a spiritual body with a translucent body and multicolored heart floating and communicating with millions of others in what seems like a cloud that goes on for miles. I’ve had two visions too: God delivers an self-sustaining economic model for my community, and another how to pray ‘under the community’ these came around 2006. I know that because God speaks to me through the Holy Spirit multiple times a day, I tend to record what he say by texting myself or making an audio recording. Blessings to you, Tony.


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