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By His Stripes We Are Healed

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O Lord of power and glory,
Have mercy on my soul!

You are the God of covenants,
Who promises salvation for your people.

In days of old, Lord,
You gave the law to your servant Moses,
You carved your commandments
On tablets of stone.

Your chosen people Israel
Were richly blessed by your mercy,
And your favour was upon them
As you saved them from their oppressors.

But your servants disgraced you, Lord,
By bowing down to idols
And worshiping foreign gods.

There were many times, Lord,
When your anger burned against your people
And you would not forgive them
For their transgressions.

But Lord, God of mercy,
You are kind and patient,
You are jealous, Lord,
But also forgiving!

You gave your people a second chance,
And a third chance,
You did not hold their sins against them.

For the world has been full of sin,
Since your servant Adam,
Disobeyed you in the Garden of Eden,
And ate the forbidden fruit.

You created us in your image, Lord,
But we are weak and sinful, unlike you.
We turn away from you, Lord,
Out of pride and selfishness.

We do not obey your commandments, Lord,
And we forget your truths,
We stray from the righteous path,
And many troubles befall us.

How would you deal with us, Lord,
Frail wretches that we are?
Will you ever find a way to forgive us?

Behold! The Lamb of God
Who takes away the sins of the world!
Jesus Christ is His name!

While we were still slaves to sin,
You sent your one and only Son,
To be born of a virgin,
And to live a blameless life,
To teach us about the truth,
And to help us find salvation.

Rejoice! For Jesus brings Good News,
A new and eternal covenant
For the forgiveness of sins;
A way that we can be right with God.

Your Son suffered agony on my behalf, Lord;
“He was wounded for our transgressions,
He was bruised for our iniquities:
The chastisement of our peace was upon him;
And by his stripes, we are healed.”

Hallelujah! Lord, you have made a way,
You have brought hope to sinners,
And healing to the broken,
You have brought salvation to all who believe!

In my own life, Lord, I have greatly sinned,
And am worthy of your wrath.
But your Son is my redemption,
And I believe in Him!

Surely, Lord, I am forgiven,
And am blameless in your sight,
Because of the atoning sacrifice of your Son.

Lord, all things are possible with you.
You lift up who you will,
And you bring down who you will.

But as for me, Lord,
I will trust in the Gospel you have revealed to me,
And I will hope in you all day long!

Though my body is broken, Lord,
Yet will I trust in you.
Though death knocks at my door, Lord,
I will fear no evil;
“For thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.”

I will anoint myself with oil, Lord,
Trusting in your healing power.
I will read your Word each day, Lord,
And find comfort in your promises.
I will sing to you spiritual songs, Lord,
To thank you for your mercies.

Glory to you forever, Almighty Father!
Praise to the Lamb of God!
Make me whole again, Lord!
In the precious name of Jesus.


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