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Poetry by Marianne Farningham

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I’m currently reading a book that my father bought me as a baptism gift. The book is divided into 40 short chapters, each by a different author but all related to Jesus. I’m reading one chapter each day, and it has been interesting to discover Christian writers who I previously knew little or nothing about.

Today’s chapter features two poems by the British writer Marianne Farningham. I was interested to learn (from her Wikipedia page) that she was a Baptist, which is a coincidence as I was recently baptised in a Baptist church. She is from Kent and was born in 1834.

I hope you enjoy these two poems by Marianne. If you know of any other Christian poems that you really like feel free to leave a comment below.



Now, as in thy voice of thunder
Thou didst cleave the chaos asunder,
Yet once more perform the wonder –
Mightiest, give us light.

Now as comforts are declining,
In the darkness we are pining
For the radiance of thy shining –
Father, give us light.

We our weary way are pressing
Over hills and steeps distressing;
Pray we for one precious blessing –
Master, give us light.

We are thy displeasure winning,
We are ignorant and sinning,
For a better life’s beginning –
Holiest, give us light.

Grasping in the darkness, yearning
For a high and quick discerning
Of the truths we should be learning –
Spirit, give us light.

In our thirst and hunger, needing
Pastures where thy lambs are feeding,
Listen to our earnest pleading –
Jesus, give us light.

Near to thee we would be hiding,
In the night of love’s providing,
To thy cross our worn feet guiding –
Saviour, give us light.



We would be children, Saviour, ever sitting at thy feet,
And learning of thy gracious lips the lessons that are meet,
And we would hush our trivial words, to hear what thou wilt say,
For, oh, we need thy holy love to help us every day.

Thou wert the ever patient one. We frown and fume and fret,
Beneath the ire and scorn of men we’re ne’er contented yet.
We know not how to trust and wait, dear Saviour teach us how,
Breathe on us patience for our life, as near to thee we bow.

Thou wert the never-sinning one. We sin in word and thought,
Our every act is tainted, every deed with darkness fraught.
O Jesus, teach us how to live, that in the midst of sin
We may yet grow akin to thee, thy smile of love may win.

Thou wert the ever loving one. We only love in part,
For anger and impatience dwell in our divided heart;
And we are full of thoughts for self. A Saviour wilt thou be,
And Teacher till we shall have gained resemblance unto thee.

‘Learn of me,’ So we would, O Christ, but weak and tired we grow;
O teach us day by day to live within this world of woe;
And bring us in thine own good time to the better school above,
That we may sing the glad new song of all thy patient love.



  1. Good morning Steven!

    I liked the poems from Marianne.

    I remembered how much I used to enjoy singing hymns and that most of them were written as poetic praise. I got this link from the ‘www’ and it would seem appropriate to your theme:

    You may wish to post the ones you like on your web site?

    In Christ, Dinos


    1. Good morning Dinos!

      Much like you, I love the lyrics to some of the old and classic hymns. When I was younger I used to attend C of E services and hymns were a big part of the service.

      Many thanks for the link to ’50 most loved hymns’, there are some classics there!

      I will continue to post lyrics / poems that I particularly like 🙂

      God bless you Dinos – have a peaceful and blessed day…



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