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Holding onto Hope

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There is no doubt that when my life is focused on Jesus, and I am engrossed in the Bible and in fellowship with my Christian friends, my life takes on a new dimension; a graceful, glorious dimension.  I am absolutely convinced that there is great power in the name of Jesus, and I have witnessed that power again and again in my life.

Despite these truths, at the moment I am suffering from a kind of spiritual insecurity.  I want to believe, so very much, but there is an intellectual part of my being that is causing me to doubt some of the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith.  I have written about my problems with the faith elsewhere on this blog (see, for instance, A Leap Too Far), and there is no need to repeat them here.

At times like these I just fall on my knees and beg God to reveal His truth to me.  It is the most important and rewarding thing in the world to have a relationship with God, and my fervent desire is that I would not do anything to compromise that relationship and risk God’s anger.

There may be aspects of the Christian faith that never make sense to me (from an intellectual standpoint) and I suppose the battle I am facing is faith versus intellect.  When I think about the power of the cross and the love that I have experienced from the Lord it makes me quite sure that faith must win this battle.

But how can I stop the intellectual doubts from resurfacing and interfering with my Christian walk?  It terrifies me that whenever I build spiritual momentum in my life my doubts and questions may resurface and rob me of my peace.

My prayer today is this:

Heavenly Father, most glorious ruler of all, thank you for the peace and blessing that I enjoy in my life.

Help me, most merciful Lord, to live a life based on faith in you, and reveal to me your truths so that they might surround me and stabilise me, and so that I might live in them all my days.

Help me to know what I must know in order to be held in your favour, and help me to rebuke and dismiss any spirit that seeks to rob me of your peace – the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Oh mighty, sovereign, and eternal Lord, give my faith a solid foundation and an unshakable certainty, so that I need not wrestle with doubts and troublesome questions in the future.

Lord Jesus, I offer my life to you, and I say strengthen me, renew my mind, save me from sin, help me to understand, conquer my struggles, and keep me in your peace.

I beg of you Heavenly Father, please accept this prayer.  In the mighty name of Lord Jesus I pray.  Amen.


  1. Thank you for This blog. I too needed to pray the prayer today, that you posted and I opened only a couple of minutes ago; Blessings peace and love to you, my brother in Christ.


  2. Please include me in your prayer, and to it I add a hearty “amen!”

    The problem with being highly intelligent, I find, is that my intelligence gets in the way of walking by faith…not by sight. Like you, I wrestle with these things from time to time as well.

    Thanks for sharing your stuggles so transparently. It gives others “permission” to do likewise.

    May the Lord bless you richly as you seek for truth and continue to draw on Him for assistance. (And may I better follow your example.)



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