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There is always light around

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A dear friend once told me, in a time of need, “There is always light around”.

Isn’t it the beautiful truth that when our lives are full of darkness and woe, there is, so often, a twist of fate, and a lightness of being arrives to displace our misery with a brighter mood?

The word that springs to mind is ‘mercy’. For there is no doubt that any unhappy situation could persist for weeks, months, years, decades, or even centuries. But so often, the divine being chooses to bring mercy to our darkness, and once again give us a precious optimism to displace our misery.

If the divine being is infinitely wise and infinitely powerful, then in times of misfortune, there is always hope.

Today, I praise the divine being for the tender mercies in my own life, and I trust, as much as I can, that a plan is being worked out for my life with great care and intricacy.

Remember, when you’re feeling low: There is always light around.

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