Robots and Human Emotions

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Firstly, I’m really grateful if you’re reading this. Psychiatric hospital can be a little lonely at times and it definitely lifts my spirits to know a few people are taking an interest in what I have to say.

I was thinking this morning about fear. It is very human to feel fear. It isn’t the most pleasant of emotions (neither is it the most unpleasant) but it is very human.

If we are heading towards a future where computers and machines have a significant role in our lives then we must be absolutely sure that they are unable to experience fear and other human emotions. I believe that emotions are a kind of power humans and other animals have and they play an important role in the power structure of our humble planet.

If robots could experience fear and other emotions they would be too powerful. They might use those emotions to subdue or suppress us and it is not impossible to imagine that we could become their slaves. That kind of scenario is truly terrifying.

Perhaps, if you are praying this weekend, you might ask the divine to please keep us humans safe from advances in technology that could compromise our power and freedom on Earth.

What are you doing in your life to ensure technology isn’t beating you or us?