No One is Invincible

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We all suffer. Suffering is part of what makes us human. We can pray all we like, we can beg God for mercy, but the likelihood is, we will still suffer.

There is a famous Buddhist saying, “Life is suffering”, which is very bleak when looked at from a certain perspective. But from a somewhat more optimistic viewpoint we might say “Life isn’t eternal agony”.

We all get depressed, but how often do you thank God that things are not so much worse?

Jesus of Nazareth suffered a terrible crucifixion but was rewarded with a 2000 year reign and a wonderful place in history. So when you are suffering try to think to yourself, “Perhaps my suffering serves a purpose?”

When I pray, I sometimes reach out to all the saints and prophets and holy people and beg God for mercy. I know that the combined suffering of every being on Earth is practically nothing compared to the hellish agony that is possible.

Next time you are feeling depressed or helpless why not reach out to God with a prayer of thanks? For God chooses to be merciful, despite being omnipotent.

Do you have any idea how lucky we are?