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Artificial Intelligence

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I realise that the subject of this post is a little out of place on a philosophy blog, but this matter is too important for me to stay quiet about.

I can almost guarantee that everyone reading this post will have had a bad experience with automated “customer service” robots and answering machines. Have you ever been kept waiting ten minutes, twenty minutes, or even thirty minutes to speak to a real human being?

It’s a very English or perhaps British thing to complain about our bad experiences with customer services, but the issue I am raising here is much more serious.

Perhaps without knowing it, we are forever attempting to give more and more power to computerized systems and other robotic devices. Facebook, Twitter, the Internet generally, answering machines and cash points are a few examples.

The tech news is always full of “exciting” new inventions – ‘The robots are becoming more human, great!’, they declare. But if you have ever watched Star Trek or Terminator you will realise that robots with human-like powers can be utterly terrifying. Do we want to be assimilated by the borg? Need I say more?

I would love for customer services to become human again and for the government to abolish credit and debit cards. I believe we need tight controls on computers and on the Internet to ensure that the power of humans over technology is not compromised.

This is an issue that we must take seriously!

To listen to my song entitled Machines Taking Over the World, click here. What are you doing in your life to ensure the robots aren’t beating you? Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.